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American Studies

Bachelor of Arts in American Studies

American Studies

The Wesley College American Studies Program examines, from many perspectives, the development and expressions of a national culture, countercultures, and many subcultures.  Students in the program explore different aspects of the American experience locally, nationally, and globally. The B.A. degree in American Studies is an interdisciplinary course of study focusing on the culture and society of the United States. It provides students with a broad liberal education that may include course work in American history, music, art, literature, politics and religion. The liberal number of electives in this program makes it possible for American Studies students to pursue a double major or a minor in an additional discipline.

Graduates of the Wesley College American Studies Program:
1. Demonstrate knowledge of the major approaches to American life in the past and the present
2. Show an understanding of the connections between American cultural systems
3. Achieve competency with a wide range of cultural sources, including objects, images, events, and texts
4. Build on the intellectual legacy of American studies as an interdisciplinary movement
5. Utilize critical thinking and analysis in the study of American life
6. Exhibit oral and written communication skills in their multidisciplinary courses

•   Internships at local museums, historic sites, and historical agencies

Core Requirements
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