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Bachelor of Arts in English

Literary Studies
Middle/Secondary Education


Students who pursue the Bachelor of Arts degree in English learn to think critically, to write effectively, and to appreciate the beauty and power of language in a variety of contexts (cultural, historical, biographical, political). The study of language and literature serves many students as pre-professional training for careers as educators, editors, journalists, lawyers, politicians, administrators, or business leaders. To prepare for their careers, students pursuing the English major will elect a concentration in literary studies, secondary education or writing and will have the opportunity to gain valuable experience through an internship. Students who wish to teach English at the secondary level may complete certification requirements. 

Graduates of the Wesley College English program:
1. Understand the major literary periods, genres, and figures of British, American, and world literature.
2. Demonstrate mastery of English grammar, mechanics, and rhetorical style.
3. Write clear, concise, and cogent prose.
4. Conduct research for the purpose of constructing their own knowledge base.
5. Demonstrate an aesthetic appreciation for the literary arts.

• Lambda Iota Tau, English Honor Society
• Study Abroad
• Internship Opportunity
• Writing Center Tutor
• Interdisciplinary Study
• Secondary Education Certification

Students must hold a minimum GPA of 2.50 in core requirements within the major, major requirements, concentration requirements, and major electives.  No more than two (2) course grades of “D” in these designated required courses will be applied toward graduation credit in the major.

In addition to all other college and program requirements for graduation, English majors must submit to the program chair their scores for the Praxis II exam (Teacher’s Qualifying Exam) for Literature and a portfolio of essays written for their courses during their sophomore, junior, and senior semesters.  Further information regarding all English Program requirements for graduation is available from the program chair and program advisors.


Students completing the baccalaureate degree program in English with a literature concentration will possess an understanding of the major literary periods, genres, and figures of British, American, and world literature beyond the common English program requirements in order to prepare them for graduate study or an entry-level position in a professional career.

Core Requirements
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