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Core Requirements



1.    Submit a completed Wesley College Graduate Application Form.

2.    Send official transcripts of all prior academic work to the Office of Graduate Studies.

3.    Have an earned Baccalaureate degree in environmental science or a related field from a regionally accredited college or university.

4.    Submit two letters of recommendation. At least one letter should address academic capabilities.


1.    The student must have earned an overall undergraduate GPA of 3.0 (4.0 scale).

2.    Students enrolled in the M.S. program are required to complete 30 hours coursework receiving a B or better in each course.

3.    Submit a 300-word personal statement discussing your desire to study at Wesley College and your plans for the graduate Environmental Science degree.

Core program coursework includes:

  • ES506 Research Methods

  • ES507 Experimental and Project Research

  • ES508 Environmental Law

  • ES547 Environmental Policy

  • ES522 Spatial Analysis Using Geographical Information Systems and Image Analysis

  • ES600 Environmental Sciences Integrated Thesis Project

Other coursework may include:

  • ES556 Limnology

  • ES500 Air Resources

  • ES545 Current Topics in Environmental Sciences: Soils and Water Resources

  • ES505 Environmental Bioremediation

  • ES510 Environmental Ethics

  • ES511 Hazardous Materials Management

  • ES512 Hazard Assessment and Management

  • ES520 Environmental Calculations and Treatment Methods

  • ES525 Environmental Project Management And Control

  • ES530 Current Topics in Environmental Sciences: Air Resources

  • ES535 Environmental Regulatory Permitting and Risk Assessment

  • ES555 Environmental Instrumentation

  • ES575 Special Topics in Environmental Sciences

Currently, students can select either the non-thesis or thesis option.

Please refer to the Graduate Catalog for further details.