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Graduate Programs in Education - MEd / MAEd

Master of Arts in Education
Master of Education

The Curriculum and Instruction program is designed for the practicing teacher, to encourage reflection and research on practice.  The Curriculum and Instruction program’s core provides the practicing teacher with the requisite knowledge and skills to become an effective teacher as described in NCATE and INTASC standards. Particular emphasis will be placed on helping practicing teachers to develop as reflective practitioners.  Candidates will learn the skills of action research and be expected to demonstrate the use of action research in their classroom for the improvement of student learning.  Curriculum and Instruction candidates will be assigned a temporary advisor when they are accepted into the program.  With this advisor, the candidate will develop a set of goals for the program of study. Candidates will develop goals in the areas of planning, delivery, and assessment.  Permanent advisors will be assigned based on candidate and faculty interests.

An applicant must have:

1. A minimum of one full year of teaching
2. An undergraduate GPA of 3.0
3. Evidence of a professional teaching certificate
4. Professional Qualities Evaluation completed by an immediate supervisor

For further information please contact B. Patricia Patterson, Graduate Program Director, at b.patricia.patterson(at)wesley.edu.

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