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Core Requirements

The required thirty-one hour curriculum:

MAT Course Rotation (Dover Campus)

Spring:                                      9 credits
ED519 Literacy Across the Content Areas
ED534 Learning Theory
ED506A Curriculum Building

Summer:                                   6 credits
ED506A Curriculum Building
ED534 Learning Theory

Fall:                                          9 credits

ED536 Instructional Models
ED516 The Diverse School
ED523 Literature Across the Curriculum

Spring or Fall:                            12 credits
ED522 Reflective Practitioner
ED526 Student Teaching

Upon satisfactory completion of the program and upon submitting evidence of having achieved a level of performance satisfactory to the Delaware State Department of Education, graduates receive the M.A.T. and initial certification in secondary education for grades 7-12. Because of the brevity of the MAT program, a grade of Incomplete will not be given in any of the courses. MAT degree candidates are expected to complete the work for each course in the semester in which it is taken for credit.