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Core Requirements

Communicating in the World 12 Credit Hours                                  
*EN100 College Writing                         
*EN101 Literature for Composition
Electives in Communication Performance,
Foreign Language, Music Performance,
Drama, Creative or Expository Writing or
Studio Art                   

The Human Experience 11 Credit Hours
EN207 American Literature: Colonial to 1865 
RE200 Religion in America                               
Healthy Lifestyles
(Two Physical Education activity courses)          
MU200 History and Appreciation of Jazz  

Scientific Experience 7-8 Credit Hours
Laboratory Science                                            
Contextual Science                                             

6-7 Credit Hours
*MA102  or higher
Electives in Applied Analysis
(including but not limited to Logic, Critical Thinking, Statistics, Calculus, Music Theory)         

Global Society and its Culture 
9 Credit Hours
PO231 Introduction to American Politics  
HI103 United States History to 1877                    
Electives in Non-American Culture: Foreign
Language, World Literature, International
Religion, International Political Science,
or World History                                     

MAJOR Requirements 18 Credit Hours

AM200 American Culture/Counterculture   
AM300 Interdisciplinary Special Topics     
AM400 Senior Seminar in American Studies          
EN208 American Literature: 1865 to the Present
HI104 United States History from 1877
One course in American Ethnicity (including but not limited to African American History, African American Literature)                                                     

MAJOR Electives 12 Credit Hours

Twelve credits from among the following courses:
(At least six must be at the 300- 400-level):      
EN334 African American Literature
EN353 American Romanticism
EN355 American Realism
EN357 American Modernism
EN440 Contemporary American Literature
HI200 The Material World of Colonial America and the Young Republic
HI201 The Material World of Victorian America
HI203 The 1960s: Culture in Conflict
HI204 The American Family and Its Home
HI220 African American History
HI323 Colonial America and the Revolution
HI324 Nineteenth-Century America
HI327 Twentieth-Century America
HI335 Special Topics in American Social and Cultural History
HI360 Special Topics in American Political History
PO330 Twentieth-Century American Presidency
PO332 The American Constitution
PO337 Special Topics: American Political Systems and Behavior
PO352 U.S. Foreign Policy
PO373 American Parties and Interest Groups
PO374 Congress and the President
PO376 American Political Thought
SO201 Marriage and Family Life
SO301 Contemporary Social Problems

ELECTIVES 300-400 Level 18 Credit Hours

FREE Electives 30-31 Credit Hours

TOTAL Credit Hours: 124

*A grade of C or better required.

Proposed Course Schedule