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Core Requirements

CORE Requirements 47 Credit Hours

Communicating in the World 12 Credit Hours
*EN100 College Writing                                   
*EN101 Literature for Composition                    
Electives in Communication Performance, Foreign Language, Music Performance, Drama, Creative or Expository Writing or Studio Art                 

The Human Experience 11 Credit Hours
Healthy Lifestyles (two PE activity courses)        
Elective in Art Appreciation, Music Appreciation,
Literature, Media Aesthetics, Psychology, Philosophy, or Religion   

Scientific Experience 8 Credit Hours
*BI150 Biology I                    
*BI310 Microbiology    

Analysis 7 Credit Hours
*MA201 Introduction to Statistical Methods        
*MA212 Calculus II                                          

Global Society and its Culture 9 Credit Hours
Elective in Economics, Sociology, History,
or Political Science
Elective in American Culture: Literature,
Religion, Political Science, or History
Elective in Non-American Culture:
Foreign Language, World Literature,
International Religion, International
Political Science or World History                       

 * MAJOR Requirements
BI140 The Scientific Process                  
BI155 Biology II                                               
BI215 Anatomy and Physiology II           
BI322 Cell Biology                                             
BI340 Genetics                                     
BI406 Research Methods                                   
BI407 Exp.& Project Research                
CH150 Chemistry I                                
CH160 Chemistry II                               
CH200 Organic Chemistry I                    
CH210 Organic Chemistry II                   
CH303 Physical Chemistry I                    
CH304 Physical Chemistry II                   
CH306 Instrumental Analysis                  
CH310 Analytical Chemistry                    
CH326 Biochemistry                              
PS240 Physics I                                    
PS250 Physics II                                                

Credit Hours 63

*BIXXX Zoology course (300 level or above)
*BIXXX Botany course (300-level or above)

FREE Electives 14-17 Credit Hours

TOTAL Credit Hours: 124

*A grade of C or better is required.

Proposed Course Schedule