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Dr. William Kroen
Professor of Biology

Why I Teach:

"I teach at a small college because I believe in getting students to make connections.  In the life sciences, the more you understand how the systems work, the more you appreciate the intricate beauty of the natural world.  I do everything in my power to lead beginning students to the waters of knowledge, but I can’t make them drink."

Contact Information

Cannon 2
(302) 736-2570


Ph.D., Botany, Duke University
M.S., Botany, Washington State University
B.S., Biology, Pennsylvania State University

Professional Activities

My time has been divided between two different areas that strengthen student learning.  First is my leadership in the Four-Year College & University Section of the National Association of Biology Teachers over the past ten years, where I served as Chairperson for 2010. My leadership strengthened lines of communication, mentored the developing graduate student committee, and enabled other professors to showcase what they do best. Additionally, I present my own teaching activities each year at the annual Professional Development Conference. My topic for the past several years showed how students work with actual environmental data, while the 2009 poster covered the take-home project on land use from my Coastal Studies course.
My second area of effort attempts to provide Wesley College students with the opportunity for personal growth through international cultural experiences. I serve as our liaison to the Miyagi University of Education in Sendai, Japan. We host several students from this university on the Wesley campus for two weeks in March each year, pairing them with our students in dormitories. Many of our students friend the Japanese students while they are on campus, thereby learning about a different culture.

I also am co-instructor (with Dr. ‘Nok’ Bunyaratavej from the Business Department) for an occasional travel course to Barbados. She teaches a business course and I teach a tropical biology course. Students are given background on international business and environmental issues of Barbados (and Caribbean islands in general), then experience Barbados for ourselves during spring break. During the week on-island, students experience some of the local culture, snorkel to view tropical fish and green sea turtles, explain how land use affects natural processes and impacts tourism (and vice versa), and begin to understand the process of growing, harvesting, and milling sugar cane on that land. 

Courses Taught

BI107 Human Sexuality
BI120/325 Caribbean Studies
BI135 Delaware Coastal Studies
BI140 Scientific Process
BI150 Biology I
BI155 Biology II
BI332 Plant Biology
BI361 Invertebrate Zoology
CH326 Biochemistry