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Yu Tian
Assistant Professor of Business

Why I Teach:

"I believe teaching is the most enjoyable way to change the world. It could be as small as one problem, one essay or one case study. But some day somewhere it might help my students to make a difference. It is satisfying to know that I help, albeit in a small part, to create possibilities for Wesley students. The added bonus is I love to connect to my students. Not a day goes by without me learning something interesting from or having a laugh with them."

Contact Information

(302) 736-2788


M.B.A., Southern Methodist University
B.A., Tianjin, P.R. China

Professional Activities

Academic Advising
Evening and Off Campus Committee
International Committee
Marketing Science Institute
Academy of Marketing Science
The Sustainability Review
Green Management
The Mustang Journal of Management and Marketing


  • Global Business Development Initiative in Las Vegas, NV
    Presentation and Best Paper Award
    It’s Shopping Day-A Study of Consumer Multi-Store Shopping Behavior

  • The Academic Forum in Williamsburg, VA
    Presentation and Session Chair
    Zero Price and Social Norm


  • Mustang Journal of Management and Marketing

Courses Taught

MK204 Principles of Marketing
MK311 e-Marketing
MK411 Marketing Research
MK420 Branding and Advertising
MG344 Management Information Systems
MG404 Productions and Operations Management
BA501 Marketing Theory and Buyer Behavior (MBA)