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Core Requirements

Communicating in the World  
*EN100 College Writing
*EN101 Literature for Composition
Elective For Lang., Drama, or Speech
AR101, 103, 105, 109, 202, 203, or 205 

The Human Experience
*RE (any religion course)                              
EN200 or above Literature Course                        
PE electives                                                      
PY 100  Introduction to Psychology                                  

Scientific Experience  
BI100    Introductory Biology                               
PS100   Physical Science                                    
PS102   Earth Science                                        

*MA102 Intermediate Algebra                             
MA220 Geometry                                              
MA Math Course                                          

Global Society and its Culture 
HI, PO, EC, GE, SO Non-American Exp. Elective     
HI, PO, EC, GE, SO American Experience Elective   
HI, PO, EC, GE, SO Elective                                 

Total core                                                     53

Major Requirements          
ED102   Freshman Seminar                                             
ED101   The Diverse School                                            
ED105   Children's Growth, Develop,& Learning            
Take Praxis I before enrolling in the  following courses

ED207   Writing Across the Curr. For Preservice Tch.       
ED290   The Exceptional Child                                         
Pass Praxis I before enrolling in the following        

ED202   Language and Linguistics                        
ED220   Teaching Reading in the Content Areas     
Complete and defend teacher candidacy portfolio
Acceptance into teacher candidacy
required (including GPA of 3.00)
ED311   Children's Literature                               
ED321   Assess. & Instruct. Of Child. With Lit. Prob            
ED340   Inquiry-based Learning                           
ED303   Curr. Frameworks for Elementary Math      
ED304   Literacy Curr. For the Young Child             
ED341   Classroom-based assessment                 
ED454   Integrated Language Arts Methods                       
ED455   Integrated Math Methods                        
ED456   Integrated Science Methods                    
ED457   Integrated Social Studies Methods                       
ED458   Effective Teaching Strategies                  
ED459   Senior Methods Practicum                                   
Pass Praxis II (0014) and content
Praxis II for middle school and maintain GPA 3.00     

ED480   Student Teaching                                               
ED493   Reflective Teacher                                 

Total Major Requirements                        69

(Choose one [1] area)                                     

FOREIGN LANGUAGE                 9-12 credit hours

MATHEMATICS 9-12 credit hours
9-12 credit hours
Writing elective
EN elective
EN320 Adolescent Literature     

SOCIAL STUDIES 9-12 credit hours
HI, PO, EC, GE, SO Electives

SCIENCE 9-12 credit hours
Science electives

*A grade of C or better is required.


Students majoring in Mathematics, English, or Biology who wish to pursue a middle school/secondary certification track must meet the following requirements:
1. For admission to 200 level education courses, official copies of PRAXIS I (reading, writing, mathematics) passing score for Delaware must be submitted from ETS to the institution.
2. Admission to Teacher Candidacy
Admission to Teacher Candidacy is a condition for enrollment in the ED 400 level methods courses in the Middle/Secondary concentration.
Admission to teacher candidacy requires that the following criteria be met:
•    A grade point average of 3.00
•    Successful defense of a third year teacher candidate portfolio
•    Submission of a criminal background check.
•    A valid negative TB test
When admitted to teacher candidacy, students are assigned an education advisor in addition to their major advisor when admitted to teacher candidacy.
3.    Admission to Student Teaching
Prior to placement in student teaching, teacher candidates must have met the following requirements:
•    Overall grade point average of 3.00
•    Methods grade point average of 3.00 (ED 406, 436, & 434)
•    Submission of official passing PRAXIS II scores in the secondary or middle  school content area (Delaware cut scores) to the institution, prior to submitting an application for student teaching
•    A valid negative TB test
•    Submission of a student teaching application in the semester prior to student teaching (9/1 is deadline for application submission for Spring; 2/1 is deadline for application submission for Fall).
4.    Graduation with the Minor/Concentration
•    Successful completion of student teaching at the “exemplary” level on summative student teaching evaluations.
•    Submission of an “exemplary” student teaching portfolio
•    Overall grade point average of 3.00

ED 222 Literacy in the Content Area (7-12)
ED 406 Curriculum Building
ED 436 Models of Instruction
ED 434 Learning Theory
ED 422 Reflective Practitioner (taken with ED426)
ED 426 Student Teaching

TOTAL Credit Hours: 27

Proposed Course Schedule