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Core Requirements

CORE Requirements: 45-47 credit hours
to include the following program requirements.
*EN100 College Writing
*EN101 Literature for Composition
CM101 Public Speaking
Electives in Foreign Language, Music, Performance, Drama,
Creative or Expository Writing, or Studio Art
KN101A Wellness Lifestyles
PY100 Introduction to Psychology
*BI210 Anatomy & Physiology I
*BI215 Anatomy & Physiology II
MA102 Intermediate Algebra
MA108 Mathematical Concepts and Operations II
Elective in Global Society and its Culture
Elective in American Culture
Elective in Non-American Culture

MAJOR Requirements  
CH130 Allied Health Chemistry
SE301 Education for Safe Living
KN201 History & Philosophy of Physical Education
KN205 Personal and Community Health
KN203 Advanced First Aid and Emergency Care
PE204 Motor Learning
KN210 Organization & Admin of Physical Education
KN302 Principles of Strength Training
KN303A Sport & Exercise Psychology
KN305 Exercise Physiology
KN306 Biomechanics/Kinesiology
KN307 Treatment of Athletic Injuries
KN310 Nutrition
KN327 Adapted Physical Education
KN401 Contemporary Issues in Physical Education, Health, Recreation & Sports
KN402 A Research in Practice
KN403 Tests and Measurements in Physical Education
KN404 Advanced Exercise Physiology
KN405 Program Internship
KN408 Stress Management
PS200 Introduction to Physics

FREE Electives 5 Credit Hours

Total Credit Hours Required for Graduation: 124
*A grade of C or better is required.

Proposed Course Schedule