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Core Requirements

Communicating in the World    12 Credit Hours
*EN100 College Writing                         
*EN101 Literature for Composition                      
Electives in Communication Performance,
Foreign Language, Music Performance,
Drama, Creative or Expository Writing, or Studio Art                                                           

The Human Experience             11 Credit Hours
Healthy Lifestyles (Two Physical Education activity courses)

Scientific Experience               7-8 Credit Hours
Laboratory Science
Contextual Science                                             

Analysis                                    6-7 Credit Hours
*MA102 or higher       
Electives in Applied Analysis (including but not limited to Calculus, Statistics, Critical Thinking, Logic or Music Theory)                           

Global Society and its Culture   12 Credit Hours
HI103 United States History I
HI104 United States History II             
HI109 World Civilizations I       
HI110 World Civilizations II                               

MAJOR Requirements            12 Credit Hours
HI241 Seminar on Historical Professions           
HI342 Historical Professions Internship 
HI355 Documenting History     
HI450 Senior Seminar                                      

MAJOR Electives                  
US History                                    
15 Credit Hours
Nine credits:
HI423 Colonial America & the Revolution
HI424 Nineteenth-Century America
HI427 Twentieth-Century America

II. Material Cultural/American Studies:
Six credits from any of the following courses:
Special Topic: U.S. Social & Cultural History
HI200 Material World of Colonial America & the Young Republic
HI201 Material World of Victorian America
HI203 The 1960s: Culture in Conflict
HI204 The American Family & Its Home
HI220 African American History
Any American Studies Course (AM) may be used to fulfill this requirement.

World Civilizations:
Three credits from the following courses:
Special Topics in World Civilization
HI212 Russian History
HI213 European History
HI214 Asian History
HI219 Latin American History
HI221 African History
HI222 Middle Eastern History

Six credits from the following courses:
HI415 Ancient History of the World
HI416 World History 500-1500
HI417 World History 1500-1815
HI418 World History 1815-Present

FREE Electives (300- and 400-level18 Credit Hours
FREE Electives
                                              23-25 Credit Hours

TOTAL Credit Hours:                                     124
*A grade of C or better required.

Some 200-level History course may be taken at the 300-level at the discretion of the Department Chair.

Students must attain a grade of C or higher in all History and American Studies courses used to fulfill major requirements.

Proposed Course Schedule