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Dr. Jeffrey Mask
Professor of Religion and Philosophy


Why I Teach:

"Teaching is a vocation, a calling. It is a means of living out my religious and social commitments."

Contact Information

College Center 425
(302) 736-2366


Ph.D., Religion (Theological Studies), Emory University
M.Div., Southeastern Baptist Theological Seminary
B.A., Philosophy, University of Mississippi

Professional Activities

I am currently pursuing three research and writing projects. In collaboration with Dr. Brantley Craig, I have a first draft done of an introduction to the New Testament.
An ongoing project with the working title of New Lights and Old Landmarks began years ago as a spin-off of At Liberty under God (1997). It is a historical and theological analysis of movements in the Baptist denomination in the eighteenth and nineteenth centuries that prepared the way for the development of Fundamentalism in that denomination in the twentieth century. On sabbatical in the spring semester of 2007, I managed to get that project about half written.

The final project is a theological and ethical critique of capitalism. It has grown out of a presentation on Max Weber’s The Protestant Ethic and the Spirit of Capitalism that I made a few years ago at the Mid-Atlantic meeting of the American Academy of Religion. I am still reading and gathering information for this one. The writing has not yet begun. 

Courses Taught

RE105 Literature of the New Testament
RE106 World Religions
RE199D/ES199C Sustainability
RE200 Religion in America
RE201 Eastern Religious Traditions
RE298/398 The Historical Jesus
RE299/399 The English Reformation
RE301/PH301 Philosophy of Religion
RE303 Introduction to Christian Thought
RE399N The Idea of God
HN201 The Good Life
HU400C Food, Culture, and Identity
HU400H The Idea of Liberty
HU400I/RE399K Denominational Evolution
PH300 Business Ethics
BA504 Social Forces in Business