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Core Requirements

Communicating in the World   12 Credit Hours
*EN100 College Writing                                   
*EN101 Literature for Composition                    
Electives in Communication Performance,Foreign Language, Music Performance, Drama, Creative or Expository Writing or Studio Art

The Human Experience 11 Credit Hours
Healthy Lifestyles (two Physical Education Activity courses)
Electives in Art Appreciation, Music Appreciation, Literature, Media Aesthetics, Psychology, Philosophy, or Religion

Scientific Experience 7-8 Credit Hours
Laboratory Science
Contextual Science

Analysis6-7 Credit Hours
* MA102 or higher
Elective from one of the following:
Calculus, Statistics, Critical Thinking, Logic, Music Theory

Global Society and its Culture   12 Credit Hours
PO103 Introduction to Political Science 
PO221 Introduction to American Politics
PO251 Introduction to International Relations
PO490 Contemporary Issues in Political Science

MAJOR Requirements 27 Credit Hours
EC202 Principles of Macroeconomics
PO241 Introduction to Comparative Politics
PO470 Political Science Internship

Six credits from the following History courses:
HI103 United States History to 1877
HI104 United States History 1877 to Present
HI109 World Civilizations I
HI110 World Civilizations II
HI213 European History
HI214 Asian History
HI219 Latin American History
HI221 African History
HI222 Middle East History
Nine 300-400-level credits in two of the following areas:
American Politics, Comparative Politics, International Relations
three-credit course in the area of Political Theory

FREE Electives (300-& 400-level) 9 Credit Hours

FREE Electives (any level)35-37 Credit Hours

Total Credit Hours: 124
*A grade of C or better is required.

Proposed Course Schedule