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Internship Connect Program

Internship Connect Program

Wesley College & Central Delaware Chamber of Commerce



Wesley College is partnering with the Central Delaware Chamber of Commerce and 800+ businesses to create internship opportunities for our students.  The CDCC/Wesley College Internship Connect Program aims to not only provide valuable opportunities for learning, but to afford Wesley College students with opportunities to become involved in professional relationships with local businesses and clarify career goals.


Why should you participate?

CDCC/Wesley College Internship Connect Program can:

  •        Allow students to enhance their professional skills with actual “hands-on” experiences in their chosen field.
  •        Make students more marketable and competitive in the job market upon graduation.
  •        Influence students’ personal, career development and academic performance.
  •        Offer students the opportunity to apply principles and theories taught in the classroom to real-life projects.
  •        Give students the opportunity to be considered for permanent employment if they successfully complete their assignment.
  •        Provide students with a maximum of nine credit hours during the time it takes to fulfill their degree requirement.
  •    The following degree programs require an internship:
    •   English (writing concentration)
    •   Environment Studies
    •   History
    •   Political Science
    •   Physical Education (non-certification program)
  •    Although not required, internship opportunities are available in:
    •   Accounting
    •   Biology
    •   Business Administration
    •   English
    •   Media Arts
    •   Legal Studies
    •   Psychology


Learning Outcomes

The Wesley College and Central Delaware Chamber of Commerce Internship Connect Program offers supervised work experiences that complement a student’s field of study and/or future professional aspirations.  Wesley College aims to produce the following learning outcomes through that student’s internship experience with local businesses. *Please note: There may be additional learning outcomes desired by academic departments.

  •        Communicate
    •    Verbally express ideas clearly and with effective language for an audience
    •    Express written ideas in a clear, coherent and persuasive manner
    •    Synthesize, explain and personalize information from credible sources
    •    Work with diversity/diverse populations
    •    Listen effectively
  •        Investigate, Inquire & Evaluate
    •    Identity problems and formulate relevant questions and/or comments
    •    Acquire and use appropriate resources and/or technology to solve problems
    •    Organize, maintain and appropriately communicate information
    •    Reach informed, well-reasoned and clear conclusions
  •        Professional Skills
    •    Use appropriate ethical reasoning, behavior and techniques
    •    Exercise leadership skills
    •    Identify, understand and adhere to professional standards
    •    Monitor, manage and correct own performance, behaviors and attitudes when needed
    •    Conduct themselves with honesty, respect and dignity
    •    Uphold the integrity of their desired industry/profession
    •    Develop individual responsibility
    •    Dress and carry themselves appropriately
    •    Contribute as a member of a team
    •    Adapt and display flexibility in changing environments
    •    Address colleagues and superiors in an appropriate manner



Student Application Guidelines

  • Student Application Requirements:
    •        Must be a full time undergraduate student
    •        Must have at least a sophomore classification (unless otherwise approved)
    •        Must have an overall cumulative GPA of 2.5 as of the end of the previous semester
    •        Must be in good judicial standing
    •        Must meet the qualifications of the employer


*Please note: Individual Academic Departments may have other internship requirements.  The requirements of your Academic Department supersede the requirements of this program when applicable.


Wesley College Undergraduate Internship Guidelines:

The following guidelines govern all undergraduate internships at Wesley College:

  •        Internships are supervised by a faculty member and a designated representative of the cooperating organization, agency or company
  •        Applications must be completed and approved by a faculty supervisor, program (major) and department chair, and by the Vice President for Academic Affairs.  Completed applications, including all approvals, must be submitted to the Office of the Registrar before the final day of the            add/drop period in the term in which the internship is to be taken.
  •        Learning objectives and performance activities will be agreed upon by the faculty supervisor, the designated representative, and the student.
  •        Both the faculty supervisor and designed representative must complete a performance evaluation.
  •        The student must devote a minimum of 50 clock hours to work experience for each credit awarded. *Only applies if the internship is to be used for academic credit.
  •        No internship credit will be granted retroactively.  Students must register for internship credits before the internship experience, and all internship requirements must be completed at the end of the experience. *Only applies if the internship is to be used for academic credit.


How to Search for Internship Openings:


View Internship Postings on Online Job/Internship Posting Portal College Central Network:

The Central Delaware Chamber of Commerce has connections with 800+ employers and local businesses.  Please register with College Central Network, if you have not done so already, to view some recently posted internships.

College Central Network Registration and CDCC Internship Search

·       Go to: www.collegecentral.com/wesley

·       Select the “Student” icon, and read the information and announcements on the next page.

·       Go to “Register Now” link.

·       Create an access ID and a password that you will remember

·       Click on “Continue Registration”. Continue registering.

·       From you homepage, select “Search for Jobs/Opportunities Posted to My School

·       In the “School Job ID” field, enter CDCC

·       In the “Job Types” field, check Internship

·       Begin search!


Note: If you find a CDCC internship posting you are interested in, take note of the company name and job title to include on your application.



View Spring 2013 Internship Postings Here:

Company Name                                                                                          Internship Title                     


AEB Plus Consignment                                                                 Intern


Angle Financial Services                                      Customer Service Representative


Angle Financial Services                                                    Account Representative


Axia Management                                                     Sales &  Marketing Assistant


Bayhealth                                                                                 Content Editor


Biggs Museum of American Art                                                       Intern


Central DE YMCA                                 Member Reception/ Member Engagement


CNC Solar                                                                         Operations Assistant


CNC Solar                                                                    Administrative Assistant


CNU Fit, LLC.                                                                  Personal Trainer/Coach


Curley, Rodriquez & Benton                                                                      Intern


Division for the Visually Impaired                                                      Library Aide


Delmarva Broadcasting                                                         Programming Intern


Dover Interfaith Mission for Housing                 Business Development or Marketing


Greater Dover Committee & CenDel Foundation                                           Intern


Harrington ERA Realty                                                                      Office Intern


Home Builders Association of DE            Membership & Communication Coordinator


Home Instead Senior Care                                Social Worker/ Administrative Staff


Kent County Levy Court                                                       Computer IT Support


Noble’s Pond                                                                               Office Assistant


Orthodontics on Silver Lake, PA                 Marketing/Administrative/Clinical Intern


Phoenix Behavioral Health                                               Administrative/ Business


St. John’s Lutheran School                                                     Classroom Assistant


Town of Smynra, Inc.                                                                 Accounting Clerk


How to Apply:



How to Apply For Internships:

·       Print/view application and return to Office of Career Services or Coordinator of Career Services


Career Services                                                      



Wesley College                                                      

Parker Library 112                                                

Dover, DE 19901                                                   



·         Follow flow chart as it applies to you