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Handouts for Writing

Need a little help in writing that paper?  You could come to the Writing Center to get help from a tutor or take one of the handouts.

But what if you prefer to work on your own?  We offer a vast array of individually created handouts covering all aspects of academic writing and research. Wesley students have access here to the information needed to successfully complete any writing assignment!

From guides for MLA or APA format to citation helps and grammar hints, you are certain to find a handout to assist you in your research work. Download a specific handout created for you from the Writing Center!

General Writing Helps

A Checklist for Argument Position Papers

A Checklist for Research Papers

Chicago Manual of Style Guide

Don't Turn In Your Essay Until You....


General Comma Usage

How To Find a Book

Is It I or Me?


Planning Ahead

Planning the Essay

Prewriting Prompts for Writing about Literature

Replacements for Said

The 3 T's

The DARE Formula

The Paragraph

Tips For Teaching Grammar: Conjugation of the English Verb


Understanding Assignments

Web Sources for Fighting Plagiarism

What is Verb Tense?

Writing a Critical Analysis

Writing Summaries

Using APA Style in Writing

APA Style Checklist

Common APA Reference Page Entries

Documenting an EBSCOhost Article in APA Format

Documenting Online Sources Using APA

Sample APA Pages

Websites for APA Formatting

What Is APA Style

Using MLA Style in Writing

Citation for Non-Academics

Citing a Source that was Reprinted

Citing Online Sources Using MLA

Common MLA Citations

MLA Works Cited Page Citation for EBSCOhost Article

Sample MLA Pages

Work Cited Entry for More Than One Selection