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Expand Undergraduate Research in STEM Areas

Specific aims:

  • To involve undergraduates in research within our existing STEM Directed Research program, the Scholars Day event, and Senior-Research Capstone projects
  • To support internships in local industry and State partnerships
  • To enable a diverse group of undergraduate participants to interact closely and extensively with STEM faculty mentors and peers within the partnership networks
  • To teach STEM majors emerging information technology tools that quantify environmental impacts in product life-cycle assessments
  • To grow our B.S. Biological Chemistry program with DSU
  • To grow our Environmental Science (ES) program
  • To build a strong collaborative partnerships with DSU and UD. STEM


Faculty Mentors

  1. Kathleen Curran, Professor of Biology & Chair (Mentor to Capstone projects in Ecology)

  2. Malcolm D'Souza, Professor of Chemistry (Mentor to Directed Research and Capstone projects in Chemistry)

  3. William Kroen, Professor of Biology (Mentor to Capstone projects in Biology and Environmental Science)

  4. Jonathan Kidd, Professor of Biology (Mentor to Capstone projects in Microbiology)

  5. Stephanie Stotts, Assistant Professor of Environmental Science (Mentor to Directed Research and Capstone projects in Environmental Science)

  6. Derald Wentzien, Professor of Mathematics (Mentor Capstone Statistics projects)

  7. Dr. Kent Hurst, Visiting Environmental Science Professor (Mentor to MS-program in Environmental Science)



Brett Sansbury and Victor DeBarros, two summer EPSCoR undergraduate researchers, working on titrations in Cannon Hall Labratories.



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