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INBRE Specific Objectives

The specific aims of our projects are (1) to involve undergraduates early in their careers (some beginning as freshmen) in original research within our INBRE supported Directed Research programs; (2) to show that our studies on the solvolysis of acyl, carbamoyl, sulfonyl, sulfinyl, and sulfamoyl chlorides can lead to a better understanding of the pathways involved in the acylation/sulfonylation of the hydroxyl groups of potential pharmaceuticals (to increase their water solubility); (3) to teach our science majors emerging information technology tools that are typical in the drug discovery process using our in silico drug evaluation project that combines web-accessible FDA files along with the KnowItAll┬« computational platform; and (4) to build partnerships with all participating institutions.  After a successful research experience our graduating seniors easily transition into the Chemistry or Biology graduate programs at the University of Delaware, or to any other graduate, or medical program.  The Biomedical and Pharmaceutical organizations also highly value such undergraduate research experiences.