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Study Abroad

The Wesley College Global Initiatives Office in International House is committed to improving our student's awareness of the many cultures that our world has to offer. We want to provide opportunities for the Wesley student to experience different customs and different communities. We believe that such experiences can help our students better communicate and be more marketable in the work place and in society.

The cultures, people and management practices of countries throughout the world everywhere influence business practices and national education programs. It is our belief that when you study abroad that you will gain a more diverse perspective as well as a greater understanding of a new culture. Wesley College is offering opportunities to returning students to study abroad for a semester in another country.

This is a chance to develop a more global perspective as well as enjoying the experiences of a different culture, making new friends and perhaps become proficient at another language.

Through the Global Initiatives Office and your academic advisor we will guide you through the academic planning of your study abroad experience. The Office will assist you in the educational, social and financial areas of the study abroad experience.

If you are interested in studying abroad you first need to select a program that best suits your needs. Visit us at # 22 State Street and make an appointment to review your situation. Once we have determined possible option and if you are eligible you must then compete the application process

Academic Requirements
It is important that we are represented well oversees as we seek to further enhance our reputation abroad. Wesley students must meet specific requirements prior to gaining approval for study abroad.

•    The junior year is the most common time to study abroad, however seniors may travel overseas and you are eligible for some programs as a sophomore. We encourage freshmen to research study abroad opportunities.
•    Programs are open to students pursuing almost all academic concentrations.
•    You are required to have a 2.5 overall GPA to apply for study abroad. In addition you must have earned a minimum of 36 credits prior to traveling overseas. Many programs will require a 3.0 GPA.
•    The application form must be completed six months prior to the commencement of the study abroad experience. Some deadlines require more advanced planning. There may be a third party application process.
•    There will be an interview process. The references and faculty advisor will be contacted; therefore we encourage you to talk with these people before completing your application.

Frequently Asked Questions