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Core Requirements

Core Requirements

Core program coursework includes:

  • ES506 Research Methods

  • ES507 Experimental and Project Research

  • ES508 Environmental Law

  • ES547 Environmental Policy

  • ES522 Spatial Analysis Using Geographical Information Systems and Image Analysis

  • ES600 Environmental Sciences Integrated Thesis Project

Other coursework may include:

  • ES556 Limnology

  • ES500 Air Resources

  • ES545 Current Topics in Environmental Sciences: Soils and Water Resources

  • ES505 Environmental Bioremediation

  • ES510 Environmental Ethics

  • ES511 Hazardous Materials Management

  • ES512 Hazard Assessment and Management

  • ES520 Environmental Calculations and Treatment Methods

  • ES525 Environmental Project Management And Control

  • ES530 Current Topics in Environmental Sciences: Air Resources

  • ES535 Environmental Regulatory Permitting and Risk Assessment

  • ES555 Environmental Instrumentation

  • ES575 Special Topics in Environmental Sciences

Currently, students can select either the non-thesis or thesis option.

Please refer to the Graduate Catalog for further details.