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Core Requirements

Core Requirements

All advanced preparation (MA.Ed) candidates complete an eighteen- hour core. In addition, each candidate will work with their assigned advisor to choose a sequence of 4 additional courses (12 credit hours) to meet their program and professional goals. These additional courses could be an existing course of study offered by the department, or a unique combination of courses designed specifically for the candidate. MA.Ed. candidates will design, implement and defend a thesis (6 credit hours) Candidacy for the MA.Ed is on the recommendation of the graduate faculty and is based on the defense of the proposal in ED 530 Research Methodology and Design.

The required eighteen-hour MA.Ed. core:

ED506A Curriculum Building

ED521 Analysis of Teaching

ED530 Research Methodology and Design

ED533 Assessment

ED534 Learning Theory

ED536 Seminar in Instructional Models

MA.Ed. Additional Course Requirements: Four additional course electives that align to your program of study and/or thesis topic (12 hours)

Six (6) hours of thesis

Candidates must prepare and defend a research proposal in ED530.


Offered online and face to face 

Subject to change based on need and on candidate’s program of study 

*Fall I - 7 week

ED 534 Learning Theory (3)

**ED 5XX –Elective (3)

Fall II - 7 week

ED 521 Analysis of Teaching (3)

ED 506 Curriculum Building (3)

Spring I - 7 week

ED 536 Seminar in Instructional Models (3)

*ED 5XX Elective (3) 

Spring II - 7 week

ED 533 Assessment (3)

*ED 5XX. Elective (3) - optional 

Fall - 14 weeks

ED 530 Research Methodology & Design (3)

Spring - 14 weeks

*ED 600 Thesis  (6) 

*7 week courses may be taken singly.

**Electives and thesis may be taken in the summer sessions rather than during the academic year.             

Other courses are also offered in summer sessions according to need and candidate’s program of study.