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Core Requirements


Transfer credits from basic nursing education program
Wesley College Transfer Policy

B. Undergraduate Core Requirements: 12 credits
Three courses from the Wesley College core curriculum at the 300 level of courses. These must be taken at Wesley College.

C. Bridge Sequence:  15 credits
NR504 Population Focused Care
NR505 Seminar in Professional Nursing
NR507 Theory and Evidence Based Practice
NR508 Health Policy

D. Graduate Sequence: 39 credits
NR510: Health Promotion Across the Lifespan
NR512: Leadership in Adv. Practice Nursing
NR515: Graduate Research I
NR601: Advanced Pharmacology
NR602: Advanced Pathophysiology
NR603: Advanced Physical Assessment
NR610: Advanced Practice Nursing I
NR612: Advanced Practice Nursing II
NR615: Graduate Nursing Research II
NR616: Advanced Practice Nursing III
NR620: Thesis/Project

E. Graduate Nursing Electives: *
*Electives are offered on a rotating basis and/or upon student request or health care trend need.
An elective must be taken if the final project is not a thesis or capstone project.
An elective may be taken for the student to expand an area of interest.

NR516: The Process of Curriculum Building in Nursing
NR517: Intro to Public Health Administration
NR518: Nursing Case Management & the APN
NR536: Field Study in International Health
NR604: Palliative Care, Nursing at the End of Life
NR605: Childcare Health Consultant Training Program
NR630: Ethnographic Field Techniques
NR631: Culture and Health
NR632: Ethical Decision Making
NRxxx: Graduate Special Topics
NR500A: Special Topics: The Nurse as Entrepreneur
NR500C: Special Topics: Nursing Response to Bioterrorism
NR500D: Special Topics: Forensic Nursing
NR500G ST:  Disaster Preparedness for Nurses
NR600D ST:  Care of the Older Adult Advanced Concepts & Application
NR600E: Special Topics: Alternative Therapies

RN With Bachelor’s degree in Non-Nursing Major

A. Transfer credits from basic nursing education program and baccalaureate degree
Wesley College Transfer Policy

B. Bridge sequence
As noted previously

C. Graduate sequence
As noted previously

D. Graduate Nursing Electives *

Bachelor of Science in Nursing Graduate (B.S.N.)

A. Graduate Sequence:
As noted previously

B. Graduate Nursing Electives *

For course descriptions, view the Graduate Course Catalog