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Dr. Kraiwinee Bunyaratavej
Associate Professor of Business Administration

Why I Teach:

“I enjoy teaching at Wesley because of small class sizes where I can engage students more directly.”

Contact Information

Slaybaugh 204
(302) 736-2520


Ph.D., Concentration in International Business, The George Washington University
M.B.A., Concentration in Finance, The George Washington University
B.B.A., Concentration in Finance, Thammasat University

Professional Activities

I am an Associate Professor of Business Administration at the MBNA School of Business and Accounting at Wesley College.  My research interests center on offshoring of services, economic convergence, regional economic integration and monetary union.  I have had articles published in journals such as Journal of International Business Studies, Journal of International Management, Journal of World Business, MIS Quarterly, Journal of Operations Management, Group & Organization Management, Management International Review, Journal of Developing Areas, Global Economy Journal, and ASEAN Economic Bulletin. 

I have also presented papers at national and international conferences including at the Academy of International Business annual meetings, the Institute for Operations Research and the Management Sciences annual meetings, and the annual meetings of the Decision Sciences Institute. I received the 2009-2010 American Consortium on European Union Studies (ACES)-EU Center of Excellence- GWU EU Research Center grant award for one of my offshoring papers.  In addition, I am involved in fostering undergraduate research. My students have presented at the National Conference on Undergraduate Research and also at Scholars’ Day at Wesley College. I have taken students abroad on a trip to Barbados for my International Business Experience class.

In 2013, along with William Kroen, I took seven students from BA310G International Business Experience and BI120/325 Caribbean Studies classes to conduct research in Barbados. The students visited different places such as a sugar factory, tropical forests, rocky shores, and the Central Bank of Barbados where they gathered related information for their research.


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  • Bunyaratavej, K., Doh, J. P., Hahn, E. D., Massini, S. & Lewin, A. Y. (2011). “Conceptual Issues in Services Offshoring Research: Implications for Organizational Management and International Business”. Group & Organization Management, (36)1, pp. 70-102.
  • Hahn, E. D. & Bunyaratavej, K. (2010). “Services Cultural Alignment in Offshoring: The Impact of Cultural Dimensions on Offshoring Location Choices”.  Journal of Operations Management, (28)3, pp. 186-193.
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  • Hahn, E. D., Doh, J. P. & Bunyaratavej, K. (2009).  “Risk in IS Offshoring: Firm Learning,  Industry Competition and Offshore Location Choice”.  MIS Quarterly, (33)3, pp. 597- 616.

  • Bunyaratavej, K., Hahn, E. D. & Doh, J. P. (2008). “Multinational Investment and Host Country Development: Location Efficiencies for Services Offshoring”.  Journal of World Business, 43(2), pp. 227-242.
  • Bunyaratavej, K., Hahn, E. D. & Doh, J. P. (2007). “International Offshoring of Services: A Parity Study”.  Journal of International Management, 13(1), pp. 7-21.

  • Bunyaratavej, K. & Jayaraman, T. K. (2007). “Are the Pacific Island Countries Ready for a Single Currency?”. Journal of Developing Areas.  40(2), pp. 141-155.

  • Bunyaratavej, K. & Hahn, E. D. (2005). “An Integrative Approach to Measuring Economic Convergence: The Case of the European Union”.  Global Economy Journal, 5(2), pp. 1-23.
  • Bunyaratavej, K. & Hahn, E. D. (2003). “Convergence and Its Implications for a Common Currency in ASEAN”. ASEAN Economic Bulletin, 20(1), pp. 49-59.
  • Bunyaratavej, K. (2002).  “The Suitability of the Maastricht Treaty Convergence Criteria and the European Union Enlargement”.  Proceedings of the 2002 Academy of International Business – Northeast Conference, pp. 70-79. 

Courses Taught

BA212 International Business
BA310 International Business Experience
EC202 Principles of Macroeconomics
EC312 The World Economy & International Trade
EC412 International Financial Management