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Education Department Assessment System

To ensure that our programs align with the assessment requirements for critical state and national standards, Wesley College’s Education Department uses Tk20's Campus Tools for Higher Education to monitor and assess the progress of our teacher candidates. Students enrolled in our programs must subscribe to Tk20 to complete course assignments and facilitate evaluations, internships, and student teaching.  Tk20 helps address the needs of our candidates, graduates, faculty, and college through access to the following features:

• Course, program, and unit-level assessments

• Standards-based, reflective electronic portfolios

• Online applications for student teaching and teacher candidacy

• Data aggregation from multiple assessments for candidates and programs

• Candidate advisement, with access to records and assessments

• Creation of reports for comprehensive analyses and accreditation support

Please visit the links below for more information or assistance on Tk20.

Khawaja Abdul Hameed
Education Unit Assessment System Manager