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Core Requirements

CORE Requirements: 46 credit hours

Communicating in the World 12 Credit Hours
*EN100 College Writing             
*EN101 Literature for Composition                      
Communication Performance                              
Electives in Foreign Language, Music
Performance, Drama, Creative or
Expository Writing or Studio Art                

The Human Experience 11 Credit Hours
Healthy Lifestyles (two PE activity course)
Electives in Art Appreciation, Music
Appreciation, Literature, Media Aesthetics,
Psychology, Philosophy, or Religion                      

*Scientific Experience 7-8 Credit Hours
BI100 Introductory Biology or BI150 Biology
ES209 Environmental Science                              

*Analysis 7 Credit Hours
*MA111 Precalculus I
MA211 Calculus I   4
*MA201 Introduction to Statistical Methods 3

Global Society and its Culture 9 Credit Hours
EC201 Microeconomics                          
Electives in American Culture:
Literature, Religion, Political Science, or History                                    
Electives in Non-American Culture:
Foreign Language, World Literature, International Religion, International Political Science or World History             

*MAJOR Requirements - Environmental

Science and Environmental Policy Concentrations 24-25 Credit Hours
BI350 Ecology              
ES200 Seminar on the Environment        
ES400 Environmental Policy                   
ES406 Research Methods                       
ES407 Experimental and Project Research
ES420 Geographic Information Systems
ES480 Environmental Science Internship
MA112 Precalculus II or MA212 Calculus
PS310 Geology or ES304 Introductory Soils           

Student completes a minor in a field that compliments the career path they have chosen.

CH100 Introductory Chemistry    
EC202 Macroeconomics             
EC312 The World Economy and Trade
PO345 Issues to Comparative Politics      
PO350 World Order                               
PO360 Public Administration: Local, State and Federal       
MA205 Applied Statistics            
SO305 Contemporary Global Social Issue
GE102 World Regional Geography           
PL408 Environmental Law                                   

*A grade of C or better is required

Declared Minor (9 additional credit hours) in Political Science or Economics recommended. 9

Other minors may require additional credit hours above 126

Major Electives** 11-12
Elective 4

**Number of elective credits is determined by whether a student completes PS310 or ES304

Provides an extensive knowledge of the natural and physical sciences. Students are exposed to techniques and methods used to study the complexities of the human-environment system.           

BI155 Biology II                                   
BI310 Microbiology                                
BI355 Limnology                                   
CH150 Chemistry I                                            
CH160 Chemistry II                               
CH200 Organic I                                   
CH210 Organic II                                  
CH310 Analytical Chemistry                    
ES300 Air Resources                              
PS240 Physics I                        
PS250 Physics II                                                

*CONCENTRATION Electives 12 Credit Hours
Twelve credits from the following courses
BI355 Limnology                                   
BI340 Genetics                         
BI361 Invertebrate Zoology                    
BI435 Environmental Microbiology
CH326 Biochemistry                              
ES300 Air Resources                              
ES325 Special Topics                            
ES405 Environmental Bioremediation      
ES412 Hazard Assessment and Management
ES415 Liquid & Solid Waste Technology
ES445 Current Topics in Environmental Sciences: Soils and Water Resources
MA205 Applied Statistics            
MC250 Wetlands Ecology                       
MC260 Marine Ecology               
MC320 Marine Microbiology                    
MC331 Chemical Oceanography  
MC352 Modeling Applications in the Environment and Biological Sciences
MC362 Marine Geology
MC431 Ecology of Marine Plankton          
MC433 Advanced Methods in Coastal Ecology
MC451 Coastal Environmental Oceanography
MC464 Biological Oceanography
MC490 Marine Aquaculture         
MC491 Coral Reef Ecology          
PL408 Environmental Law                      
PS310 Geology                         
PS410 Hazardous Materials Management 

TOTAL Credit Hours: 126
*A grade of C or better is required.

* Student must pass MA108 (with a C or better grade) or pass the MA108 challenge exam.

 Proposed Course Schedule