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Core Requirements


CORE Requirements 48 Credit Hours

Communicating in the World 12 Credit Hours
*EN100 College Writing
*EN101 Literature for Composition
Two Additional Electives

The Human Experience 11 Credit Hours
RE (any religion course)
Literature (200 or 300 level)
Healthy Lifestyles (two activity courses)
One Additional Elective

Scientific Experience 8 Credit Hours
PS240 Physics I
PS250 Physics II

Analysis 8 Credit Hours
MA211 Calculus I
MA212 Calculus II

Global Society and its Culture 9 Credit Hours
Elective in Economics, Sociology, History, or Political Science
Elective in American Culture
Elective in Non-American Culture

MAJOR Requirements 47 Credit Hours
MA120 Computer Applications
MA140 Computer Programming I
MA240 Computer Programming II
MA250 Discrete Mathematics I
MA313 Calculus III
MA314 Elementary Differential Equations
MA315 Advanced Calculus
MA340 Probability Theory
MA360 Linear Algebra
MA410 Real Analysis
MA420 Numerical Analysis
MA450 Mathematical Statistics
MA460 Abstract Algebra
Two Electives in 300+ level mathematics

Free Electives (any level): 17 Credit Hours

Free Electives (200 level or above) 12 Credit Hours

Total Credits: 124 Credit Hours
*A grade of C or better is required

Proposed Course Schedule