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Paul E. Olsen
Associate Professor of Mathematics

Why I Teach:

"One of the many secrets of life is: 'find a job you love to do and get somebody to pay you to do it.'  In teaching mathematics, I am indeed blessed. For the past 38 years, there has never been a day I didn’t look forward to coming to work to teach.  Getting students to understand there is more than one way to skin a cat or do a math problem is a challenge. However, when they see we all get the same answer, regardless of the technique, beauty is discovered and appreciated."

Contact Information

Cannon 201
(302) 736-2396


M.A., Mathematics, Bowling Green State University
B.S., Mathematics, Bowling Green State University

Professional Activities

  • Author: Real Estate Mathematics, 1996.
  • Co-author: Mathematics for the Health Sciences, Murrell and Olsen, Addison – Wesley, 1980.
  • Coordinator of (and mathematics instructor for) the Kent County School of Real Estate, Dover, Delaware, 2001 to present.

Courses Taught

MA099    Basic Mathematics Skills
MA101    Fundamentals of Algebra
MA102    Intermediate Algebra
MA111    Precalculus I
MA112    Precalculus II
MA201    Introduction to Statistical Methods
MA205    Applied Statistics
MA210    Applied Calculus
MA211    Calculus I
MA212    Calculus II
MA291    Mathematics of Gambling
MA313    Calculus III
MA314    Elementary Differential Equations
BA312     Quantitative Business Analysis
BA502     Business Statistics