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Core Requirements

CORE REQUIREMENTS: 45-48 Credit Hours

Communicating in the World: 12 Credit Hours
*EN100 College Writing  (3 credits)
*EN101 Literature for Composition  (3 credits)
Electives in Communication Performance, Foreign Language, Music Performance, Drama, Creative or Expository Writing or Studio Art  (6 credits)

The Human Experience: 11 Credit Hours
Literature  (3 credits)
Religion  (3 credits)
Healthy Lifestyles (2 credits)
Elective in Art Appreciation, Music Appreciation, Literature, Media Aesthetics, Psychology, Philosophy, or Religion.  (3 credits)

Scientific Experience: 7-8 Credit Hours
Laboratory Science  (4 credits)
Contextual Science  (3-4 credits)

Analysis: 6-8 Credit Hours
*MA102 or above (3-4 credits)
Elective in Applied Analysis (including but not limited to PH260, MU103 or additional MA)

Global Society and its Culture: 9 Credit Hours
Electives in Economics, History, Political Science and Sociology (3 credits)
Electives in American Culture (3 credits)
Electives in non-American Culture (3 credits)

Major Requirements: 21 Credit Hours
PH100 Introduction to Philosophy
PH150 Introduction to Ethics
PH200 Logic
PH310 Existentialism
PH350 Ancient Philosophy
PH301/RE310 Philosophy of Religion
PH401/RE401 Senior Seminar

Major Electives: 15 Credit Hours
RE106 World Religions
RE201 Eastern Religions
RE202 Western Religions
RE104 Literature of the Old Testament
RE105 Literature of the New Testament
RE298/398 The Historical Jesus
RE200 Religion in America
RE303 Christian Thought
RE 305 History of Christianity from Pentecost to the Reformation
RE306 History of Christianity from the Reformation to the Present
RE299/399 (Special Topics)

Free Electives
(300 or 400 level)  18 Credits

Free Electives
(any level)             25 Credits

Total Credits: 124
*A grade of C or better is required

No single course may be taken to satisfy simultaneously a core requirement and a major requirement.

Students must earn a minimum grade of C in each Philosophy and Religion course satisfying a major requirement.

Proposed Course Schedule