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Internship Connect Program: Employers


Internship Connect Program: Employers

Wesley College &

Central Delaware Chamber of Commerce



Wesley College is partnering with the Central Delaware Chamber of Commerce and 800+ businesses to create internship opportunities for our students.  The CDCC/Wesley College Internship Connect Program aims to not only provide valuable opportunities for learning, but to afford Wesley College students with opportunities to become involved in professional relationships with local businesses and clarify career goals.


Why should you participate?

Employers participating in the CDCC/Wesley College Internship Connect Program can:

·         Recruit candidates for future permanent employment.

·         Enhance the professional skills of the next generation with actual “hands-on” experiences in their industry/profession.

·         Become more involved in the local community and college/universities.

·         Increase positive publicity and awareness for their own company.

·         Have an impact on students’ personal, career development and academic performance.

·         Help students apply principles and theories taught in the classroom to real-life projects.


Employer Application Guidelines


Employer Application Requirements:

·         Must be a member of the Central Delaware Chamber of Commerce

·         Must submit an “Internship Description Form” to the Coordinator of Career Services


Employer Expectations:

As a participating company in the Wesley College and Central Delaware Chamber of Commerce we expect that your company will:

·         Assist our students in meeting their student internship learning outcomes as outlined below.

·         Provide students with adequate professional supervision.

·         Complete mid and end-of-semester evaluations using evaluation form listed below

·         Communicate with Coordinator of Career Services and Academic Department as needed.



How to Apply:


To apply please email your completed “Internship Description Form” to:


Coordinator of Career Services



Please note, once your internship description form is received, the Coordinator of Career Services will register your company for our FREE online recruitment system, College Central Network.  The contact person listed on the internship description will receive an email with your new access id and password once registration is complete.


Registration for this system is imperative because this is how we notify students of job/internship postings.  This system will allow you post jobs, internships and volunteer opportunities to our students.  It also allows you to view our students’ resumes and portfolios to make quality candidate selection decisions. 


If you would like to register your company yourself or simply login once you receive your access id, please visit: www.collegecentral.com/wesley


For more information on College Central Network please view our CCN Employer Registration form.



In order to participate in the Wesley College and Central Delaware Chamber of Commerce Internship Connect Program, the following forms will need to be completed by the dates specified on each form:


·         Internship Description Form

·         Mid-Semester Evaluation Form

·         End-of-Semester Evaluation Form


Student Guidelines


For your reference, below are the list of expected student internship learning outcomes, student application requirements and Wesley College Internship guidelines


Student Internship Learning Outcomes

The Wesley College and Central Delaware Chamber of Commerce Internship Connect Program offers supervised work experiences that compliment our student’s field of study and/or future professional aspirations.  Wesley College aims to produce the following learning outcomes through that student’s internship experience with local businesses.


·         Communicate

o   Verbally express ideas clearly and with effective language for an audience

o   Express written ideas in a clear, coherent and persuasive manner

o   Synthesize, explain and personalize information from credible sources

o   Work with diversity/diverse populations

o   Listen effectively


·         Investigate, Inquire & Evaluate

o   Identity problems and formulate relevant questions and/or comments

o   Acquire and use appropriate resources and/or technology to solve problems

o   Organize, maintain and appropriately communicate information

o   Reach informed, well-reasoned and clear conclusions


·         Professional Skills

o   Use appropriate ethical reasoning, behavior and techniques

o   Exercise leadership skills

o   Identify, understand and adhere to professional standards

o   Monitor, manage and correct own performance, behaviors and attitudes when needed

o   Conduct themselves with honesty, respect and dignity

o   Uphold the integrity of their desired industry/profession

o   Develop individual responsibility

o   Dress and carry themselves appropriately

o   Contribute as a member of a team

o   Adapt and display flexibility in changing environments

o   Address colleagues and superiors in an appropriate manner


Student Application Requirements:

·         Must be a full time undergraduate student

·         Must have at least a sophomore classification (unless otherwise approved)

·         Must have an overall cumulative GPA of 2.5 as of the end of the previous semester

·         Must be in good judicial standing

·         Must meet the qualifications of the employer



Wesley College Undergraduate Internship Guidelines:

The following guidelines govern all undergraduate internships at Wesley College:

·         Internships are supervised by a faculty member and a designated representative of the cooperating organization, agency or company

·         Applications must be completed and approved by a faculty supervisor, program (major) and department chair, and by the Vice President for Academic Affairs.  Completed applications, including all approvals, must be submitted to the Office of the Registrar before the final day of the add/drop period in the term in which the internship is to be taken.

·         Learning objectives and performance activities will be agreed upon by the faculty supervisor, the designated representative, and the student.

·         Both the faculty supervisor and designed representative must complete a performance evaluation.

·         The student must devote a minimum of 50 clock hours to work experience for each credit awarded. *Only applies if the internship is to be used for academic credit.

·         No internship credit will be granted retroactively.  Students must register for internship credits before the internship experience, and all internship requirements must be completed at the end of the experience. *Only applies if the internship is to be used for academic credit.