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Ann L. Burton Pre-Collegiate Scholarship Program

The Ann L. Burton Pre-Collegiate Scholarship program allows qualified high school juniors and seniors to earn up   to 12 college credits tuition free, paying only the cost of   their books and a $20 registration fee.  Eligible students may take one,  3-credit, course per semester during their junior and/or senior year.  Accepted  students will have a minimum GPA of 3.0, and a minimum SAT, PSAT score of 1500 or minimum composite ACT score of 22. To apply download and fill out the application, or contact Wesley College Office of Undergraduate Admissions at (302) 736-2400 or email admissions(at)wesley.edu for assistance.

For students interested in applying for traditional admissions to Wesley College as a freshman, separate from the Ann L. Burton Pre-Collegiate  Scholars Program, please click here to apply online.