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Robert H. Parker Mission Statement

The Robert H. Parker Library, in accordance with the mission of the College and its educational goals, strives for excellence in providing the information resources and services needed. The Library is central to the College's identity as part of an intellectual enterprise. By providing access to information resources, the library contributes uniquely to the definition and implementation of the College's academic priorities and goals.

We serve Wesley College students, faculty, and staff and provide them with:

•    Information services
•    Acquisition and access to appropriate information resources in all relevant formats.
•    A trained and dedicated staff with expertise to facilitate the use of information resources.
•    Instruction in information access and retrieval methods and use of the collections facilities and equipment for the pursuit of intellectual inquiry
•    Bibliographical access to the holdings of other institutions.
•    Means of retrieval for remotely-held information

In addition, we offer service to the public. Our extended clientele consists of non-Wesley community members using the Parker Library facilities. The Library works within a regional, national, and international network of libraries with Library collections available to all who need them. National and international obligations are met by participation in the Online Computer Library Center (OCLC) interlibrary loan system. Regionally the Library is part of KentNet, the computerized library system of public libraries within Kent County, Delaware. KentNet includes an online database of holdings of its member libraries, a single library card honored at all KentNet libraries, and a county-wide delivery service of materials. The Parker Library staff recognizes its obligation to serve its extended clientele.

Objective 1.1: Identify the information needs of students, faculty, staff, and administration continue this objective, emphasizing working directly with faculty for selection and collection development.

Objective 1.2: Facilitate access to and retrieval of library information resources Work through KentNet to develop web-based Online Public Access Catalog (OPAC). Promote InterLibrary Loan (ILL) services . Continue online database subscriptions. Increase hard copy acquisitions. Develop ways to offer service to off-campus locations including web based Library resources to allow off-site access.

Objective 1.3: Cooperate with other libraries and institutions to expand information services and resource sharing Attend KentNet meetings and participate as active member of this organization. Expand ILL participation.

Objective 1.4: Coordinate a public information program to increase awareness of Library services and resources Merge faculty and student newsletters into one handout prepared for beginning of each academic semester. Distribute Library information handouts through other libraries belonging to KentNet. Prepare handouts suitable for distribution in Wilmington center. Keep Library information posted on Wesley College web site up-dated.

Objective 1.5: Guide the College community to acquire and improve skills in accessing and retrieving information Continue self-guided orientation and use first year English courses as main conduit for teaching students basics of Library resources. Establish weekly workshop for both general and special instruction. Establish training programs so that clientele can properly access and retrieve information already held before acquiring more. Do more in locating Internet information sites, and train Library staff so that all Library employees are able to help patrons.

Objective 1.6: Ensure that the Library has the appropriate management and decision-making structures in place to support Library efforts Continue computer spread sheet tracking of expenditures. Realign Library budget lines to reflect actual expenses (for example, establish line for electronic databases rather than charging them to periodicals account). Write procedure manuals for basic Library tasks such as circulation, shelving, and gift acquisitions.



Objective 2.1: Promote a commitment by the College to the growth of the Library collections in terms of reaching a normative percentage of the general operations budget in annual expenditures Increase materials lines in budget. Rename budget lines so it is clear what the money actually pays for. Establish lines for standing orders (currently paid for with book funds) and electronic data bases (currently out of periodicals) so that it shows that the Library is not using these materials funds solely for monographs and hard copy periodicals.

Objective 2.2: Create a collection development plan incorporating all formats, and taking into consideration the need for access to remote, full-text databases Assess collection in areas of most current need, then follow new Association of College and Research Libraries (ACRL) Standards for College Libraries in developing these areas.

Objective 2.3: Implement an effective spending plan governing both normal acquisitions and off-site information access Establish a budget break-down making clear what each line covers, then work for budget additions to pay for under funded lines. Begin budget line for distance learning Library expenses.

Objective 2.4: Ensure that accurate and standardized cataloging and indexing are provided for Library holdings Use OCLC and KentNet to catalog non-monograph (primarily commercially produced video cassettes) holdings.

Objective 2.5: Complete the retrospective conversion of all bibliographic records and holdings Retrospective work completed. Retain card catalog but move it from main floor area. Continue work with archival material in "Wesley Room" if staff and volunteer time are available.

Objective 2.6: Review and revise internal serials management procedures to increase accuracy of holdings statements Continue current manual check-in procedure for serials because purchase of Dynix serials module available as part of KentNet participation would not be cost effective.