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Where You Live

Read more about the 7 types of housing below and by clicking on the name of each hall for all the details:

  • Gooding Hall and Williams Hall are single gender, traditional, first-year student halls.
  • Carpenter Hall is a co-ed, traditional, first-year hall.
  • Roe Hall is a co-ed, traditional, upper-class hall.
  • Malmberg Hall is a suite-style, co-ed, upper-class residence hall. There are doubles for 2 students, quads for four students, and 6-person suites. Suites have a private bathroom and kitchenette.
  • Zimmerman Hall is an apartment-style residence hall. Each apartment has two bedrooms, two bathrooms, a shared common space, and full kitchen. Students may live in the 4-person apartments if they have 30 or more credit hours.
  • The Joseph S. Bellmeyer Honors House is an 11-person, fully maintained house on the Dover campus. Residents are members of the Honors program and maintain a certain GPA.

For the cost of each hall plus information on the meal plans please click HERE.