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Who Lives With You

Each of our halls is staffed with a crew that is there to help you be comfortable at Wesley! Please don’t hesitate to ask them for help!

North Campus (Gooding and Williams Halls)

Area Coordinator (AC): John Caldora

Gooding Hall Resident Assistants (RA):
Danielle Reid – Senior RA
Leah Lowery
Betty Lee
Kaitlin Brennan
Jessica Holder

Williams Hall Resident Assistants (RA):
Collin Miller – Senior RA
Eugene Nelson
Raymond Lewis-Samuel
Samuel Frain
Evan Le’Mon

Central Campus (Roe and Carpenter Halls)

Area Coordinator (AC): Stephanie Reiley

Roe Hall Resident Assistants (RA):
Ryan Shilling – Senior RA
Mercedes Myrick
Essenam Danku
Francis Quartey
Brittany Wynne

Carpenter Hall Resident Assistants (RA):
Kurt Strittmatter – Senior RA
Kaylynn Hall
BreA’na Morganfield
Taylor-Rae Danforth
Brandon Wood

South Campus (Malmberg and Zimmerman Halls, and Honors House)

Area Coordinator (AC): Matthew Tooley

Malmberg Hall Resident Assistants (RA)
Morgan Williams – Senior RA
JaiRonna Boskett
Christopher Scanlon
Nicole Evanko
Tatum Jones

Zimmerman Hall Resident Assistants (RA)
Stephanie Malakuskie – Senior RA
Pat Aruta
Yaa Yamoah
Samantha Weber
Benjamin Miller

Honors House Resident Assistant (RA)
Hannah Veasey