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Dr. Kathleen Curran
Professor of Biology and Chair of Biology Deparment

Why I Teach:

“There is nothing more diverting than nature, and I enjoy being able to share my interest with my students.”

Contact Information

Cannon 1
(302) 736-2456


Ph.D., Entomology, Ohio State University
M.S., Biology, Fordham University
B.S., Biology, Fordham University

Professional Activities

The main focus of my research is on tick ecology. In the past few years I have examined the distribution of the deer tick and lone star tick throughout Delaware.  These ticks carry a number of diseases – notably Lyme, HGA, Babesiosis, HME and STARI. My ultimate goal is to develop a risk map for each of these illnesses within the state.

Courses Taught

BI100 Introductory Biology
BI112 Insects and Man
BI199 Sexual Reproduction
BI327 Animal Behavior
BI350 Ecology