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Malmberg Hall


Malmberg Hall is one of the newest built residence halls at Wesley College. The building is a co-ed hall fully equipped with a newly modeled Fitness Center and Weight Room for students to exercise. There are three residential floors with 6 rooms on the first floor and 36 rooms on both the second and third floor. Malmberg Hall accommodates those students who are interested in living in a double room, quad room, or suite. Each room has one bathroom that the roommates will share. The bathroom is equipped with a shower, sink, mirror cabinets and tiled flooring. The heating and air conditioning is controlled by the residents. In addition, the building consists of several classrooms on the first floor.

  1. There are two bedrooms in the quad rooms; each measuring 24’8”x 11’9” on average.
  2. Bedrooms in the double suite measure 13’ x 14’11” on average.


Malmberg Hall is set up in a suite-style residence hall layout. There are double rooms and quad rooms all with carpeting. The double rooms consist of two roommates whereas the quad consists of four roommates and suites accommodate six residents. Each room is Malmberg Hall is furnished with two, four, or six sets of a bed, chair, desk and closet. Every room in Malmberg has a kitchenette area which consists of a built in microwave, cabinets, sink, and a mini refrigerator.

  • Cable Television: Each room is wired for cable TV. The cost of basic cable television is included in the price of the room.
  • Laundry Rooms: There is one laundry room located on the main floor behind the vending machines. There are 4 washing machines and 6 dryers available to residents. Each load costs $1.50 and the machines accept quarters ONLY!
  • Internet: Internet access is provided to students living on campus. Carpenter Hall rooms are equipped with 2 internet jacks- one for each student.
  • Telephones: Each room is equipped with 1 jack for both residents and has their own telephone number.
  • Microwaves: Microwaves are provided in each room.
  • Vending: Malmberg Hall is equipped with vending machines in the main lobby as well as the laundry room each with 1 soda machine and 1 snack machine.


The phone number to the Malmberg Hall Office is 302-736-4042.