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Wesley College and Bayhealth Partner for Learning


Pictured left to right: McElligott, students Jessinae Masanque and Whitney Palmer

Wesley College and Bayhealth Medical Center – Kent General Hospital partnered for a nursing simulation activity at Wesley’s Health Sciences Building on July 1. Developed by Wesley College Director of Learning Resources Christine Jarrell, Wesley College Instructor of Nursing and Simulation Coordinator Margaret McElligott and Bayhealth Clinical Nurse Specialist Jessica Lambert, the event served as the culmination of classroom learning for thirteen new nurses doing internships at the hospital.

The simulation focused on aspects including safety, reduction of risk and assessment. Students practiced caring for patients suffering from pneumonia and those recovering from orthopedic surgery by using high fidelity mannequins. In addition, they also worked on enhancing communication skills by interacting with an actor portraying a standardized patient.

“At the conclusion of the activity, the students reported an increased sense of confidence due to their participation,” said McElligott. “The success of the program illustrated the role simulations can play in education, as they are quickly becoming a popular option for instructors in both the academic and clinical settings.”