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Wesley College Faculty Promoted


Wesley College announced promotions for five faculty members: Professor Susan Redington Bobby, Dr. Jill Cole, Dr. Richard Kashmar, Dr. Cynthia Newton and Dr. Jamie Whitman-Smithe.

Dr. Cole, Dr. Kashmar, and Dr. Whitman-Smithe were promoted to full professor. Professor Redington Bobby and Dr. Newton were both promoted to associate professor. Promotions in teaching require a written recommendation by a person or committee approved by the College. Evidence sufficient for promotion includes advancement in teaching, scholarship and service.


Dr. Cole received an Ed.D. in Literacy Education and an M.S. in Reading at Illinois State University as well as well as a B.A. in Elementary Education at Illinois State University. Her research interests include motivation to learn, language arts teaching strategies, and teacher beliefs. In 2012, she edited two books that were published: “Teaching the Way Students Learn” and “Preparing Change Agents for the Classroom: Paradigm to Practice.” She also presented at the Association for Childhood Education International (ACEI) on “Preparing Change Agents for the Classroom.”


Dr. Kashmar received a B.S. in Chemistry at Carnegie Mellon University, an M.S. in Chemistry at the University of Rochester, and a Ph.D. in Physical Chemistry at the University of Pittsburgh. His primary research interest is the application of spectroscopy. In August of 1993, Kashmar, along with W. Kroen and D. Boon, presented “Analysis of the Results of a Science Orientation Exam” at ChemEd 93 at the University of Indianapolis. In August 1995, he and D. Boon presented “Teaching Analytical Chemistry as a Writing Course” at ChemEd 95 at Old Dominion University, and again at the 14th Biennial Conference on Chemical Education at Clemson University. Additionally at the 14thBiennial Conference, Kashmar presented “The Use of Cut-Out Molecular Models on the Overhead Projector to Illustrate Stoichiometry and Limiting Reactants.” This was published in the Journal of Chemical Education 74,791 in 1997. In August of 1999, he presented “An Alternative Freshman-Sophomore Chemistry Sequence” at ChemEd 99 at Sacred Heart University, and again at the 16th Biennial Conference on Chemical Education at the University of Michigan in August of 2000. In August 2012, he was the co-organizer and presider of a symposium on “Experiences with Nontraditional Freshman-Sophomore Chemistry Sequences” at the 22nd Biennial Conference on Chemical Education at the main campus of Penn State University.


Dr. Whitman-Smithe received a B.S., an M.A., and a Ph.D. at the University of Connecticut. From her teaching efforts, five publications have emerged: “Turning Point: Lost and Found” in “Preparing Change Agents for the Classroom: From Paradigm to Practice” in 2012; “Students Won’t Read Textbooks? Try 3-Point Book Club” in “Teaching the Way Students Learn: Practical Applications for Today’s Classroom” in 2011; “Story in the Classroom” in “Preparing Change Agents for the Classroom: From Paradigm to Practice” in 2011; “Assessing the Impact and Effectiveness of Critical Variables That Affect The Placement Of Emotionally Maladjusted Students” with D. Douville and M.E. Yakimowski in 1986, and “The Race to Get My Child Ahead of Yours: The New Child Abuse” in The Image of Violence in Literature, Media, and Society: Selected Papers (SISSI) in August of 2007.


Professor Bobby received an M.A. and a B.S. in English from Millersville University of Pennsylvania. Her main research interests are fairy tales and adolescent literature. In 2009, she published a book titled “Fairy Tales Reimagined: Essays on New Retellings,” which is a collection of critical essays examining contemporary fairy tales in short stories, novels, poetry, and graphic novels. In 2012, she published yet another book, “Beyond His Dark Materials: Innocence and Experience in the Fiction of Philip Pullman,” in which she analyzes adolescent fiction author Philip Pullman’s popular series “His Dark Materials.” Bobby has also published a review essay on fairy tale scholar Jack Zipes’ work for “Marvels and Tales,” a peer-reviewed journal of fairy tale studies, and she regularly presents papers and chair panels in her areas of specialization at Northeast Modern Language Association (NeMLA) conferences.


Dr. Newton received a Ph.D. in Public and International Affairs at Northeastern University, an M.P.A. in Nonprofit Management at Clark University, and a B.A. in Politics and Women’s Studies at Assumption College. Her areas of research include Major League Baseball and its history and interactions with American political institutions, and the emergence of obesity as a public policy domain. Newton has been a member of Pi Sigma Alpha, the National Political Science Honor Society, since 2001. She is a founder and charter member of Norwich University Chapter 2008 and was nominated for a Dodge Teaching Award at Norwich University in fall of 2010. Also at Norwich, the Dr. Cynthia Newton Excellence in Leadership Award was established in May 2011. In May 2009, Newton presented her essay, “Why the Constitution is Important Today,” for the Teacher Workshop at the annual We the People High School Civics Competition in Montpelier, VT. In October of the same year, she gave a presentation titled “The Politics of Obesity” at Norwich University’s Annual Faculty Scholarship Presentation, and published a book review and cover comments on “State and Local Government” by Kevin Smith. In 2010, she published a book titled “Obesity as an Emerging Public Domain”In April 2011, Newton was a panel chair and discussant at the annual meeting of the Midwest Political Science Association in Chicago, IL, where she gave two presentations, “Institutions and State in Local Government” and “The US Congress and Major League Baseball: An Examination of Legislative Process Through America’s Other Pastime.” In 2012, Newton was the Americans Governing Advisory Board Member for Soomo Publishing. Additionally in 2012, Americans Governing featured three of her works: “Campaigns and the Public Policy Agenda,” “Policy Positions”and “What is Policy Analysis.” She also featured her work “The Teacher: 2012 APSA Teaching and Learning Conference and Track Summaries” in the journal “PS: Political Science and Politics.”

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