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Wesley College STEM Program Featured in an International Publication


“Tomorrow’s Researchers” is the title of a four page article in May 2014 International Innovation magazine, focusing on the project-based STEM learning taking place at Wesley College. The publication is devoted to disseminating science, research and technology information.

The College is combining undergraduate research into the traditional liberal arts environment through Wesley’s innovative new core curriculum. The new core is more focused on developing skills at each level of the students’ four-year program with each level involving more complexity. Unlike many institutions that typically only offer research opportunities to juniors or seniors, Wesley introduces undergraduate research in the first year.

“The new core curriculum grounds students in the liberal arts tradition with first-year courses that include action research, hones critical thinking and problem solving skills, and connects students to the College and the broader community,” said Dr. Patricia Dwyer, vice president for academic affairs and provost.  “Undergraduate research is a defining characteristic of the Wesley educational experience, and this article is a testament to the value of hands-on research and active, deliberate, directed learning.”

The article chronicles Wesley’s growth in sponsored STEM undergraduate research, highlighting opportunities for students to author peer-reviewed publications, travel courses, poster presentations, national conference attendance, and first year seminars. The report touts the 92% rate of Wesley’s STEM students continuing their education in graduate schools, working in competitive STEM fields or teaching STEM courses in a variety of settings. The author predicts that today’s Wesley students are tomorrow’s researchers.

International Innovation is the leading global dissemination resource for the wider scientific, technology and research communities, dedicated to disseminating the latest science, research and technological innovations on a global level. More information and a complimentary subscription offer to the publication can be found at: www.researchmedia.eu