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Wesley Email 03/22/2012

Wesley Email Restored


First, on behalf of Jody and the IT staff, please accept my apologies for the crash of the college’s email, calendar and contacts system.  Once service has been restored, we will determine the combination of outsourcing, new hardware and software, procedures and staff training that will be required to prevent similar problems in the future.


The email and calendar system  (Microsoft Exchange) crashed last Saturday, March 16 due to a combination of hardware, software and back-up power supply failures.  Individually, none of these problems would have taken the system down.  


Restoring service took so long because even the technical support team at Microsoft struggled to diagnose the specific problems and design a protocol to rebuild the system.   


Unfortunately, things are not yet back to normal.  Everyone should now have:


1)      Send and receive email capability

2)      Calendar for new appointments

3)      Email and calendar history only before March 2nd.  This was the date of the last system back-up that was not corrupted.


If you do NOT have these capabilities, call the IT Help Desk at x4199 to report the problem.  Please leave a message if you get voicemail.  The IT staff will address your issues individually as quickly as possible or as a group if a system problem is indicated.  Please call me (x2571) if your issue is not resolved within several hours – check the college’s web site first for a system update or alert.    


The good news is that the email and calendar database for activity between March 2 and the system crash on March 16 has been rebuilt and is available.  The bad news is that restoring those data must be done one user at a time and large email boxes can take several hours to complete. Also, each user will lose email and calendar during restoration of the his /her account.


Restoring email and calendar history for March 2 – 16 has already started and everything will eventually be restored.  I will try to work out a logical sequence of accounts to restore.  If anyone has thoughts on how to design such a sequence, other than “restore mine now” which we would all like, I would very much appreciate the input.


I recognize that the level and duration of this disruption are unacceptable, regardless of how unlikely the cascading failures might be.  Technology being what it is, I cannot guarantee that problems will never occur in the future.  What I can guarantee is that, within the bounds of what the college can afford, the necessary hardware, software, processes and training will be put in place to prevent a catastrophic failure like this from reoccurring.  


Final note.  Unrelated to the system failure, email and calendar will be taken out of service completely from Saturday (tomorrow) at 11:00 pm until Sunday at 7:00 am for hard drive maintenance. 


Alan S. Russell, CPA
Interim Vice President for Finance

Wesley College
120 North State Street
Dover, DE 19901

Direct: 302.736.2571
Website: http://www.wesley.edu