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Wesley Hosts Reception for Ken Robertson


Wesley College held a small reception for Ken Robertson, Jr., a local retired Air Force member who donated a brass rubbing of Sir Robert de Bures to the College, which was originally done some time in the 1970s.

Brass rubbing is a technique that requires a person to use special metallic crayons to copy an image from a piece of brass. Typically, artists will use only one color because it is less time consuming. However, Robertson went the extra mile and used three colors for his piece. The project, which he and his former wife created in the early 70’s, required both of them working together for more than four hours to complete.

To create his artwork of Sir Robert, Robertson used material that has been declared by the British Archaeological Association as the “finest military brass in existence and third oldest in England.” Rubbing on this type of brass is no longer allowed.

Installed in 2011, the artwork depicts Sir Robert de Bures, a knight who served under Kings Edward I and II. He also fought in the crusades. The brass portrays Sir Robert as a symbol of “strength and fierceness” by having his feet resting on a lion. Sir Robert died in 1331.