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FAQs & Special Needs

If I need to stay overnight, what accommodations are available?
You can visit the Visit Dover website for local accommodations.

What is the schedule of the New Student Orientation Program?
SOAR schedule

How do I register?
The opportunity to register for SOAR will begin as soon as you make your $500 deposit with Admissions. After depositing, the admissions staff will guide you to the Interest Inventory in MyWesley.

What do I bring for SOAR?
View the Tips & Items to Bring page.

What is an OL?
An OL is an Orientation Leader. This individual is an upperclassmen who has been trained to facilitate learning activities with incoming students. OLs serve as student mentors and are student leaders at Wesley. Check out your 2015 OLs here!

What is Parent/Guardian Orientation?
View the Parent/Guardian SOAR page.

Where do I park on campus for SOAR?
View the Directions & Parking page.

Are meals provided?
In the morning a continental breakfast will be provided to all students and families. Lunch is available to purchase through the dining hall.

Will students register for classes?
Yes. View the Academic Registration page for more information.

What if I am unable to attend the SOAR session I originally selected?
Only in the case of emergency will you be able to change your session. If you must change your session please contact the Office of Student Affairs at (302) 736-2506.

If you are unable to make ANY of the SOAR days, please contact the Office of Student Affairs at (302) 736-2506.

What if I live far away from Wesley College?
Students living further than 250 miles away may contact the Student Affairs Office at (302) 736-2506.

Do I have to attend SOAR and WOW?
YES! We have planned sessions designed to make you a successful Wesley College student. For that reason we are require ALL incoming new students to participate. Don't worry it's fun!

What if I need Special Needs Accommodations?

Accommodations for individuals with disabilities are available upon request by emailing Brian.Belcher(at)wesley.edu or by calling (302) 736-2739. Please make your needs know as soon as possible, but no less than one week in advance so that we can make the necessary arrangements.

Can I bring children to Orientation?
It is recommended that young children do not attend Orientation due to the length and content of the program.

Can I choose my roommate?
Definitely! You may pick a roommate during SOAR sessions by filling out and submitting a roommate request form to the Office of Residence Life. You may meet your future roommate at Orientation!

Will I find out where I am living in the Residence Halls during SOAR?
Room assignments and other residence life information will be mailed to your permanent address during the first weeks of July after students have the opportunity to request roommates during SOAR. If you do not receive your roommate information by the first week of August, call (302) 736-2506.

More questions?
If you have further questions related to the New Student Orientation Program, please e-mail us at orientation(at)wesley.edu or call us at (302) 736-2506.