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Meet the Hall Staff - Carpenter

Residential Director

Antonique Vinson


Hometown: College Park, MD


Advice to Freshmen: Utilize everything that the school has to offer
i.e. tutors, programs, on campus dining.


Email: antonique.vinson(at)wesley.edu

Residential Assistants

Glenn Aruta

 Cape May Court House, NJ

Class/Major: Senior/Nursing

Favorite Book: "Harry Potter," "The Perks of Being a Wallflower," The Bible

Favorite Movie: "The Shawshank Redemption," "The Social Network"

Advice to Freshmen: Get involved and do very well academically, the road gets tougher from here.

Email: glenn.aruta(at)email.wesley.edu

Aniah Coley

Hometown: Bear, DE

Class/Major: Junior/Exercise Science

Favorite Book: The Bible

Favorite Movie: "ATL"

Advice to Freshmen: Expect the unexpected.

Email: aniah.coley(at)email.wesley.edu

Caitlyn Field


Hometown: Willingboro, NJ

Class/Major: Senior/Accounting

Favorite Book: "Pretty Little Liars"

Favorite Movie: "Holiday Heart"

Advice to Freshmen: Take your time and do not alter yourself due to pressure.

Email: caitlyn.field(at)email.wesley.edu

Michael Streeter

Hometown: Washington, DC

Class/Major: Senior/Business Administration

Favorite Book: Malcolm X's autobiography

Favorite Movie: "Juice," "The Goofy Movie"

Advice to Freshmen:
Be yourself, be professional.

Email: michael.streeter(at)email.wesley.edu

Michael Strittmatter

Hometown: Bridgeton, NJ

Class/Major: Sophomore/Psychology & Sports Management

Favorite Book: "Ishmael"

Favorite Movie: "Olympus has Fallen"

Advice to Freshmen:
Complete work when it is assigned.

Email: michael.strittmatter(at)email.wesley.edu

Samantha Weber

Hometown: Newark, DE

Class/Major: Junior/Biochemistry

Favorite Book: "The Fault in our Stars"

Favorite Movie: "A League of Their Own"

Advice to Freshmen: You have time to change your mind.

Email: samantha.weber(at)email.wesley.edu