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Meet the Hall Staff - Gooding

Area Coordinator

John Caldora

Westfield, NJ
Education: B.A. Government and International Politics, George Mason University; M.Ed. Student Affairs Concentration, University of Maryland- College Park
Hobbies: Writing, gaming, history, visiting museums
Favorite Vacation Spot: A beach or Walt Disney World
Favorite Cuisine: Italian (Preferably made in New Jersey)
Favorite Wesley Hangout Spot: My office in the Gooding Lobby
Favorite Movies: Too many to count
Favorite Books: The Harry Potter series and Honor Harrington series
Role Models: My parents, my mentors in student affairs
Advice for First Year Students: College is a transformative experience, you never know what path you might end up on. Embrace it. Also, CONSTANT VIGILANCE! Seriously, living on your own requires a certain level of vigilance and good thinking. Practice it.
Email: john.caldora(at)wesley.edu

Senior RA

Danielle Reid

Hall/Floor: 1st, Gooding
Hometown: Lewes, DE
Major: Media Arts
Class: Senior
Hobbies: Photography, reading
Favorite Vacation Spot: The beach
Favorite Books: Harry Potter
Interesting Fact About Me: Worked at an amusement park for six years.
Advice for First Year Students: Don’t be afraid to ask for help.
Email: danielle.reid(at)email.wesley.edu

Residential Assistants

Kaitlin Brennan

3rd, Gooding
Hometown: Downingtown, PA
Major: Nursing
Class: Junior
Extra-Curricular Activities: FCA, SNA, lacrosse
Hobbies: Running/working out, reading, helping others, adventuring
Favorite Vacation Spot: Key West
Favorite Cuisine: Pineapple
Favorite Wesley Hangout Spot: The training room
Favorite Movies: The Little Mermaid, Little Rascals, The Sandlot, The Breakfast Club
Favorite Books: Proof of Heaven, Nineteen Minutes
Role Models: Mom, Dad, Pop-Pop
Interesting Fact About Me: I’m a transfer and I couldn’t be happier to be here
Advice for First Year Students: Take advantage of any/every opportunity you get to step outside your comfort zone.
Email: kaitlin.brennan(at)email.wesley.edu

Jessica Holder

Hall/Floor: 3rd, Gooding
Hometown: Queens, NY
Major: Education
Class: Junior
Extra-Curricular Activities: Alpha Kappa Alpha
Hobbies: Paint, DIY projects
Favorite Vacation Spot: Canada
Favorite Cuisine: Chinese
Favorite Wesley Hangout Spot: College Center
Favorite Movie: See Spot Run
Favorite Books: Fire in the Ashes
Role Models: Mother
Interesting Fact About Me: I am a Gemini and scared of cats.
Advice for First Year Students: Remember why you’re here.
Email: jessica.holder(at)email.wesley.edu

Betty Grace Lee

Hall/Floor: 2nd, Gooding
Hometown: Boulder, CO
Major: Nursing, minor in Spanish
Class: Sophomore
Extra-Curricular Activities: President of Sustainable Wesley, Secretary of Fairy God Sisters, African Dance Team
Hobbies: Playing ukulele, embroidering, watching scary movies, camping, hiking, eating
Favorite Vacation Spot: The world
Favorite Cuisine: Loaf of bread
Favorite Wesley Hangout Spot: Anywhere with friends
Favorite Movie: Dirty Dancing
Favorite Book: Everything is Illuminated
Role Models: My mom and Emma Watson
Interesting Fact About Me: I have three dads, one mom and eight siblings total
Advice for First Year Students: Join as many fun things as possible.
Email: betty.lee(at)email.wesley.edu

Leah Lowery

Hall/Floor: 2nd, Gooding
Hometown: Montgomery Village, MD
Major: Nursing
Year: Senior
Extra-Curricular Activities: Brother of the Alpha Phi Omega, Tutor in the ARC
Hobbies: Playing board games, watching movies
Favorite Vacation Spot: New Smyrna Beach, FL
Favorite Cuisine: Hawaiian
Favorite Wesley Hangout Spot: Nursing Shuttle
Favorite Movies: Julie & Julia, Fame
Favorite Book: Harry Potter
Role Models: My parents
Interesting Fact About Me: I have met President Obama and Michelle Obama
Advice for First Year Students: Remember your purpose. Stay focused, but don’t forget to have fun.
Email: leah.lowery(at)email.wesley.edu