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Meet the Hall Staff - Malmberg

 Residential Director

John Taylor 

Hometown: Cumberland, MD


Education: Graduate student in M.B.A. program


Advice to Freshmen: Smile, make friends and enjoy every second. I goes by faster than you think.


Email: john.taylor(at)wesley.edu 


Residential Assistants

Domenic Maccarella

 Hammonton, NJ

Class/Major: Senior/Business Administration

Favorite Book: N/A

Favorite Movie: Too many

Advice to Freshmen: Relax, have fun, ask questions.

Email: domenic.maccarella(at)email.wesley.edu


Erica Martin


Hometown: Philadelphia, PA

Class/Major: Senior/Nursing

Favorite Book: Too many

Favorite Movie: "Chicago," "Despicable Me" series

Advice to Freshmen: Be open-minded, have fun, work out a schedule.


Email: erica.martin(at)email.wesley.edu


Christopher Obermeyer


Hometown: Manalapan, NJ

Class/Major: Junior/Legal Studies

Favorite Book: "One Flew Over the Cuckoo's Nest"

Favorite Movie: "Fast & Furious" series

Advice to Freshmen: Go to class!

Email: christopher.obermeyer(at)email.wesley.edu


Gloria Ogunleye


Hometown: Darby, PA

Class/Major: Senior/Psychology

Favorite Book: N/A

Favorite Movie: "Taken," "Shottas," "Prisoners"

Advice to Freshmen: Stay focused.

Email: gloria.ogunleye(at)email.wesley.edu

Maureen Otchere


Hometown: New York, NY


Class/Major: Junior/Nursing


Favorite Book: The Bible


Favorite Movie: Anything action or romance


Advice to Freshmen: Stay organized!


Email: maureen.otchere(at)email.wesley.edu