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Meet the Hall Staff - Malmberg

 Residential Director

Erin Holmes

Hometown: Salisbury, MD


Education: B.S., Family and Consumer Sciences
M.S., Family and Child Studies
M.Ed, School Counseling


Advice to Freshmen: Persistence is the key to success, knowing that sometimes
you will fail, however if you persist and devote the hard work necessary for success you will prevail!


Email: erin.holmes(at)wesley.edu


Residential Assistants

Kristen Bradley

 Browns Mill, NJ

Class/Major: Senior/Exercise Science

Favorite Book: "Push"

Favorite Movie: "The Lion King"

Advice to Freshmen: Remain focused and study hard

Email: kristen.bradley(at)email.wesley.edu


Alex Dello Buono


Hometown: Lonsdale, PA

Class/Major: Junior/History

Favorite Book: "The Perks of Being a Wallflower"

Favorite Movie: "Fight Club", "Garden State", and "Eternal Sunshine
of the Spotless Mind"

Advice to Freshmen: Wesley is what you make it!


Email: alex.dellobuono(at)email.wesley.edu 


Domenic Maccarella


Hometown: Hammonton, NJ

Class/Major: Junior/Business Administration

Favorite Book: None

Favorite Movie: None

Advice to Freshmen: Relax. Focus. Understand what you need to do.

Email: domenic.maccarella(at)email.wesley.edu


Tara Mullins


Hometown: Cape May, NJ

Class/Major: Senior/Exercise Science

Favorite Book: "Toa of Pooh"

Favorite Movie: "Fight Club" and "Brave"

Advice to Freshmen: Manage your time wisely and get help early if you need it.

Email: tara.mullins(at)email.wesley.edu

Maureen Otchere


Hometown: Inwood, NY


Class/Major: Sophomore/Nursing


Favorite Book: "The Great Gatsby"


Favorite Movie: "The Notebook"


Advice to Freshmen: Don’t get distracted…Focus!


Email: maureen.otchere(at)email.wesley.edu