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Meet the Hall Staff - Williams

 Residential Director

Kirk Brooks


Hometown: Baltimore, MD


Education: Graduate student in M.B.A. program


Advice for Freshmen: Take advantage of your free time and you'll end up with more of it.


Email: kirk.brooks(at)wesley.edu


Residential Assistants

Sam Frain

 Chestertown, MD

Class/Major: Sophomore/Business Management

Favorite Book: The Bible, "Heaven is Real," "Why Jesus Came to Die"

Favorite Movie: "God is Not Dead," "Facing the Giants"

Advice to Freshmen: Apply yourself in the classroom and get involved with things.

Email: samuel.frain(at)email.wesley.edu

Collin Miller

 Willow Street, PA


Class/Major: Sophomore/Physical Education

Favorite Book: The Bible

Favorite Movie: "Moneyball"

Advice to Freshmen: Go to class.

Email: collin.miller(at)email.wesley.edu 

Terrance Wingate

Philadelphia, PA


Class/Major: Senior/Psychology

Favorite Book: "Harry Potter" series

Favorite Movie: "A Low Down Dirty Shame"

Advice to Freshmen: Register for classes at midnight.

Email: terrance.wingate(at)email.wesley.edu 

John Wolgamot


Hometown: Medford, NJ


Class/Major: Senior/Media Arts


Favorite Book: "Harry Potter" series


Favorite Movie: "Kill Bill, Vol. 1"


Advice to Freshmen: Fine tune your time management skills and avoid procrastination!


Email: john.wolgamot(at)email.wesley.edu

Brandon Wood

Hometown: Greenbelt, MD


Favorite Book: "Bud not Buddy"

Favorite Movie: "Friday Night Lights"

Advice to Freshmen: Study and do not miss assignments.

Email: brandon.wood(at)email.wesley.edu