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Meet the Hall Staff - Williams

Area Coordinator

John Caldora

Westfield, NJ
Education: B.A. Government and International Politics, George Mason University; M.Ed. Student Affairs Concentration, University of Maryland- College Park
Hobbies: Writing, gaming, history, visiting museums
Favorite Vacation Spot: A beach or Walt Disney World
Favorite Cuisine: Italian (Preferably made in New Jersey)
Favorite Wesley Hangout Spot: My office in the Gooding Lobby
Favorite Movies: Too many to count
Favorite Books: The Harry Potter series and Honor Harrington series
Role Models: My parents, my mentors in student affairs
Advice for First Year Students: College is a transformative experience, you never know what path you might end up on. Embrace it. Also, CONSTANT VIGILANCE! Seriously, living on your own requires a certain level of vigilance and good thinking. Practice it.
Email: john.caldora(at)wesley.edu

Senior RA

Collin Miller

Hall/Floor: 1st, Williams
Hometown: Lancaster, PA
Major: Physical Education
Class: Sophomore
Extra-Curricular Activities: Baseball
Hobbies: Baseball
Favorite Vacation Spot: Beach house
Favorite Cuisine: Chicken on the grill
Favorite Wesley Hangout Spot: The Den
Favorite Movies: Star Wars, Die Hard, Moneyball
Favorite Book: The Outsiders
Role Models: My parents
Interesting Fact About Me: During the summer I am a tournament director for Elite Baseball.
Advice for First Year Students: Do your homework.
Email: Collin.Miller(at)email.wesley.edu

Residential Assistants

Sam Frain

Hall/Floor: 3rd, Williams
Hometown: Chestertown, MD
Major: Sports Management
Class: Sophomore
Extra-Curricular Activities: Fellowship of Christian Athletes, Refuge Ministry
Hobbies: Reading my Bible, Listening to sermons, working out, spending time with my family
Favorite Vacation Spot: Florida
Favorite Cuisine: Crab cakes
Favorite Wesley Hangout Spot: Underground
Favorite Movie: Facing the Giants
Favorite Books: Bible, Gospel for Real Life
Role Models: Jesus Christ, Tim Tebow
Interesting Fact About Me: Vice President of Fellowship of Christian Athletes
Advice for First Year Students: Be honest and show others grace.
Email: samuel.frain(at)email.wesley.edu



Evan Le’Mon

Hall/Floor: 3rd, Williams
Hometown: Wilmington, DE
Major: Multimedia Communications
Class: Sophomore
Extra-Curricular Activities: Track & field, Black Student Union (President), Creative Attributions (Model), The Whetstone (Reporter)
Hobbies: Running & working out, writing, listening to hip-hop music.
Favorite Vacation Spot: Florida
Favorite Cuisine: Soul food
Favorite Wesley Hangout Spot: The Underground
Favorite Movies: Training Day, Remember the Titans, Four Brothers
Favorite Books: The Autobiography of Malcolm X, Pecking Order, Just Say No
Role Models: Malcolm X, Michael Johnson
Interesting Fact About Me: I play around with spoken word poetry & rapping
Advice for First Year Students: Keep your priorities in order. Not everything is as important as it seems
Email: evan.lemon(at)email.wesley.edu



Raymond Lewis-Samuel

Hall/Floor: 2nd, Williams
Hometown: Maryland
Major: Law and Justice
Class: Sophomore
Extra-Curricular Activities: Alpha Phi Omega, Greek Union
Hobbies: Playing the piano
Favorite Wesley Hangout Spot: The Underground
Favorite Movie: X-Men
Role Models: Parents, Thurgood Marshall, Maya Angelou
Advice for First Year Students: Don’t cram for exams, take notes.



Eugene Nelson

Hall/Floor: 2nd, Williams
Hometown: Philadelphia, PA
Major: Music
Class: Senior
Extra-Curricular Activities: Jazz band, tour guide, drummer for the music department, sound equipment for music department
Hobbies: Drumming, watching anime, learning songs for piano, drawing
Favorite Vacation Spot: Europe, the X Games in LA
Favorite Wesley Hangout Spot: The Underground
Favorite Movies: Better Off Dead, Ferris Bueller’s Day Off, Back to the Future
Favorite Books: Harriet the Spy, Hellboy: The Chained Coffin
My Role Models: Will Smith, Childish Gambino/Donald Glover
Advice for First Years: Relax and take a deep breath
Email: eugene.nelson(at)email.wesley.edu