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Meet the Hall Staff - Zimmerman

Residential Director

Elana Baukman

Hometown: Phoenixville, PA

M.A. Counseling (Higher Education and Student Affairs)
                 B.S. Psychology
                National Certified Counselor

Advice to Freshmen
: Organize your tasks and set up a schedule.

Email: elana.baukman(at)wesley.edu


Residential Assistants

Katherine Cooke-Caraway

Hometown: Washington DC

Class/Major: Junior/Political Science

Favorite Book: "Hair Story: Untangling the Roots of Black Hair in America"

Favorite Movie: "Mean Girls" and "Pitch Perfect"

Advice to Freshmen: Get involved.

Email: katherine.cook-cara(at)email.wesley.edu


Jasmine Oden

Bear, DE


Class/Major: Senior/Psychology

Favorite Book: The Bible

Favorite Movie: "The Passion of Christ"

Advice to Freshmen: Keep that GPA up but still get involved!

Email: jasmine.oden(at)email.wesley.edu


Kira Tieman

Comelius, OR


Class/Major: Sophomore/Political Science

Favorite Book: The Bible and "The Great Gatsby"

Favorite Movie: "A Walk to Remember," "Hotel Rwanda," "Rear Window"

Advice to Freshmen: Get involved and meet a lot of people in the beginning of the year.

Email: kira.tieman(at)email.wesley.edu


Karen Wearden

Hometown: Denton, MD

Class/Major: Senior/Business

Favorite Book: "The Hunger Games" Series

Favorite Movie: "Love and Basketball" and "The Hunger Games"

Advice to Freshmen:
You go through college for four years, make it count!



Jasmine White

Hometown: Philadelphia, PA

Class/Major: Junior/Psychology

Favorite Book: "The Hunger Games"

Favorite Movie: "Free Willy"

Advice to Freshmen:
Be yourself at all times. Have fun but remember why you came to college.

Email: jasmine.white(at)email.wesley.edu