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FAQs- Housing Over Holidays & Breaks

Do I have to leave the residence hall when campus is closed?
Students are required to leave the halls during specific holidays and periods of time when Wesley College and the residence halls are closed. For example: Thanksgiving Break, the Winter Break, Spring Break, and Easter Break. Residents’ ID cards are deactivated during these breaks and students are not permitted to remain in the halls unless they have approval from the Office of Residence Life. Students must make arrangements to leave campus prior to the start of break.

I am interested in remaining on campus during breaks, may I?
Typically the Office of Residence Life offers housing to students who are in need of remaining on campus or in Dover during break periods. Often times student athletes are required to remain on campus for practice and games while they are in season. Residents must fill out an application and pay the associated fee for the period of time. Visitation and Code of Conduct policies are heavily upheld during break periods.