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SOAR Application Form

Check with your parents/family about the best SOAR dates before starting the SOAR Application.  

Date available: 

Saturday, August 3rd

Please use proper capitalization of all information. *IMPORTANT*

When you finish the application in SurveyMonkey, remember to hit “submit” so your answers are sent to us.   

Thank you.



If you are unable to start the form because of the security letters below, you may need to clear your browser's cache. For Internet Explorer, press F12, click cache, and clear browser cache.

If the form is not displaying properly in Internet Explorer, please check compatibility mode settings. To the right of the address bar on the browser you will see a magnifying glass and a page with a tear icon. Make sure that the page icon is not enabled, meaning not blue. Click to disable compatibility mode in your browser.


Contact us with Orientation questions at:
orientation(at)wesley.edu or call us at 302-736-2506.