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WCNC has gone to a virtual bookstore format. To purchase textbooks, students may research through multiple websites either in the WCNC Bookstore or through their own personal computers. Student Services does provide assistance to students in ordering their textbooks online should it be necessary. For those students utilizing our book voucher system, Student Services will also assist with the purchasing process. 

Student using book vouchers should adhere to the following procedures:

1. Obtain course syllabus to acquire the textbook name, edition, and ISBN
2. Go to the Business Office to obtain a signed book voucher
3. Do research, either in the bookstore or at home, to determine where you are purchasing your book and print out the cost from the vendor’s website
4. Bring the book voucher and vender’s cost print out to Student Services
5. Student Services will process the transaction
6. A receipt will be provided to the student. The student must retain the receipt in order to resell the book back to the vender (if applicable).

Please note: Books are delivered directly to the student from the vender.