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Wellness Center

Mission Statement
The mission of the Wellness Center is to enhance Wesley College’s academic and campus life through clinical care and health education promoting a wellness lifestyle.

Basic Services
The Wesley College Wellness Center provides ambulatory, urgent care and referral services. All services conducted here, and any medication or supplies dispensed are included in the College tuition fee. Costs of prescriptions, outside laboratory and x-ray services, and any referrals are the responsibility of the student.

  • Ambulatory Care – Common health complaints, injuries, respiratory infections, urinary tract infections, headaches, stomach aches, rashes, etc.
  • Procedures – Suture removal, dressing changes, urine pregnancy testing, throat cultures, urine cultures.
  • Vision Screening – Snellen chart testing, referrals for ophthalmologists when corrective lenses are indicated.
  • Pharmacy Supplies – Over the counter medications available in samples per physician order, all at no charge. Local pharmacies used for prescriptions.
  • Health Education Programs – Staff available for residence hall programs, consultation or individual counseling.

Extended Services
The College has contracted with Dr. Patricia Chavarry to provide basic medical care. Please see the Health Services page for more information.